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“what a song...Drive Me Crazy beautiful in its simplicity Thank you Stephen for the emotions in my heart Jonas”

“I love GHOST RIDING SHOTGUN , been playing it constantly. Love it so much, you are amazing and wonderful!!! Just love it !”

“hey Drive Me Crazy It is fantastic!!! I've been listening all morning.”


“STEPHEN D. has got it going on! Listening to his new releases "Drive Me Crazy" and "Ghost Riding Shotgun" and they are simply AWESOME! I also purchased his award winning CD ENTWANGLED. My favorite is "Martini's in Manhattan". Watched his shows in Texas, Florida and of course Nashville and I again remain one of his Biggest Fans and Favorite Critics! He's gonna make something happen! It's in the cards for this Artist!”

“Love this song! Devil In The Mirror is one of those songs I hear, and think, man, I wish I'd written that cause lord knows I've lived it! ”

Randy - Nashville Music Guide

“ Missy James Wood posted to Stephen Duff "Wow u guys kicked ass tonight in Elkton. What a great band, luv u guys:-)"”

Missy James Wood - Elkton Times

“Stephen D. Liiiiiiiiiike a lot ..... ;))))”

Mette H. Aasen - Country Fan Monthly

“Great songs, great voice, Stephen D.................>>>​”

Buddy Hall - Nashville Music

“www.VivaNashvilleUSA.com is a fan of your music. Keep on picking :)”

Viva Nashville - Viva Nashville


Martha Guthrie - Songwriters Association

“ Great sound, love the songs”

Eddie Lee Franks - Eddie Ray Franks Country Music

“Great music on here and a good powerful voice, good enough for our C&W country music show on our radio station, send us some details...”

Sid Randell - C&W Country Nusic Show

“Very cool Stephen Duff we appreciate you sharing with us and our fans. We personally like Devil in the Mirror. Keep us posted on your Nashville, TN events.”

VIVA NASHVILLE - On The Town Nashville

“ Those songs were awesome Stephen,... loved them”

Bernadette De Villiers - Reach The Stars

“Stephen D. is AMAZING!!!!”

Audrey Stineburg - FB

“loving you true hearted country songs Stephen Duff,:) ♥ Maria Country Angel ♥ xocheers!!!”

Maria Archibald - Country Music

“What an excellent performance. Stephen D. is truly one of the up and coming artists of today. Best performer Club 31 has had play our venue!”

Tony Gallagher - Club 31

“The Sunset Grill will never be the same. Stephen D. put on such an incredible show that the audience didn't want him and the boys to leave. Encore after Encore, Stephen D. graciously played for an additional hour. Thanks and we will see you for your CD Release Party in 2012.”

Terri Hudgins - The Sunset Grill

“Stephen D. simply mezmorized the audience at the "Bash at the Beach" Show! He has a very unique ability to be soft and slow with deep feeling to fun and lively, energetically rocking the house. Can't wait to have him back!”

Joan Deese - "Bash at the Beach" Event

“truly have enjoyed listening to some of your songs... Keep up the wonderful tunes you do... your Canadian cuz... Beverly Duff ”

Beverly Duff - Facebook

“I am so honored to be your fan. :0)”

Nancy Jenkins - Facebook

“great sound Stephen ... thanks for the music ...”

Doug Dickens - Reverbnation

“Hey Steve, I'm listening to "Devil in the mirror" You sound great Man. I'm lovin it. Best wishes. Dave.”

Dave Whitman - Reverbnation

“Great song and very well produced. Superb vocals.”

Jim Whitman - Facebook

“ Hey Stephen D. I love your music!!!!!”

Debbie Escue - Facebook

“Awesome !!!!!!!!!! thank u”

Bonnie Marino - Facebook

“WOWWW fabulous.... great your music I like this melody.... thanks my friend”

Shiana Talutha - Facebook

“ loved your music and your vocals were awesome... you got it goin on...... ”

Chase Tyler - Reverbnation

“Love your country music and style. Best wishes with you're success..but always keep it fun!”

Gary Gonese - Twitter

“ "The Devil in the Mirror" classic GOOD country music~ good vocals and guitar make it HIT quality stuff. Do I hear a little Garth in there? KCD ”

KC Daleigh - Reverbnation

“Stopped in to listen to your terrific sounds. Great vocals & guitar. Awesome sounds! I'm a fan for sure.”

KC Daleigh - Reverbnation

“your music rocks love the song devil in the mirror”

Justice Falwell - Facebook

“whats up man your a beast”

Jay Starr - Reverbnation

“ Son that is damn good. Great work for sure”

Ed Pope - Facebook

"Just wanted to say your one great great singer and i.m one of your biggest fans."

Bonnie Friend - Newest Country Stars

“Great show!!! Thanks for the wonderful music and good time! Keep it up!”

Karen Cowger Heilman - Facebook Fan Page

“Great 3 songs. keep the Music Coming”

Robert Allen - Reverbnation Fan Response

“I really enjoyed your shows at 3rd and Lindsley, The Palace and 12th and Porter while visiting Nashville last year. I can't wait to see you perform in Hampton Roads. Your FAN for Life.”

Joanie Williams - Stephen D. Website Fan Page

“A MUST SEE ARTIST. Incredibly UNIQUE. Very rarily does an artist with this much talent come our way! He is "The Real Deal" and this critic will continue to follow and report on this soon to be rising artist. You are AWESOME Stephen D.”

Tom Blanchard - Country Insider

“‎"Devil In The Mirror"-great song and vocals...”

Wanda Moore - Facebook

“ Hi Stephen! Keep up the great music! God Bless! ”

Juanita Proctor Keller - Facebook

“Love Right about Now !!! All sounds are great !”

Rose Kay - Reverbnation

“Thanks Stephen,you so deserve it and so much more,YOU'RE one in a million....right back at YA with the YOU'RE the Greatest....!!!!”

Dora Spears - Facebook

“ Tina Darling Boone I really like you song Right About Now !! very very nice!”

Tina Darling Boone - Facebook

“GREAT MUSIC BRO I listened to Devil in the mirror and I was impressed. Love the sound. Your damn good keep it up! I would love a copy of your full album!! ”

Lawrence Lalonde - Facebook

““So much to say about your music , I love it !” ”

Tina Darling Boone - Facebook Branch Out

““So much to say about your music , I love it !” ”

Tina Darling Boone - Facebook Branch Out

“I love your music, you have your own style and unique sound !”

Tina Darling Boone - Facebook

“I love your music, you have your own style and unique sound !”

Tina Darling Boone - Facebook

“I love your music, you have your own style and unique sound !”

Tina Darling Boone - Facebook

““awesome songwriter” ”

Juanita Ford - Facebook-BranchOut

“one of the top class country artists very likable guy” From Darren Clive on Jun 24, 2011 ”

Darren Clive - Facebook-BranchOut

“ “Good Country artist !!!!!!!!” ”

Roger Woods, Sr. - Facebook-BranchOut

“ “Good Country artist !!!!!!!!” ”

Roger Woods, Sr. - Facebook-BranchOut

““Good Country artist !!!!!!! ”

Roger Woods, Sr. - Facebook-BranchOut

““Good Country artist !!!!!!! ”

Roger Woods, Sr. - Branch Out

““Good Country artist !!!!!!! ”

Roger Woods, Sr. - Branch Out

““Good Country artist !!!!!!! ”

Roger Woods, Sr. - Branch Out

“He's good.”

Sue Bardwell - Facebook

“Stephen D. You were fantastic! Our listeners loved you and your music! If you missed Stephen D. on the show tonight it is archived at www.josieshow.com so you can still go and listen! We look forward to having you back on the show!”

“Awesome luv it :)”

Lesa Franklin - Facebook

“Love the music . It really rocks!..”

Jin Man - Facebook

“Josie PassantinoStephen Duff Just listened to Devil in the Mirror! You have an amazing voice - I am a new fan! Lets work on getting you on my show, I'll get you the email still tonight! :) Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!!! ”

Josie Passantino - Facebook


Cheryl Tolar Miller - Facebook

“very nice music....”

Trish Cunningham - Facebook

“thats awesome song”

Charlotte Haymond - Facebook

“I Love the edge Stephen D. creates in his music. Enjoyed having him on my Radio Show.”

Greg Breeden - Big Country 105.3

“Stephen D. is a UNIQUE and TALENTED Nashville Recording Artist whose ability to sing a song with such feeling and emotion is catching the eyes of many in the Guitar Town and around the world. Stephen D. is creating an incredible BUZZ and eager anticipation for his next CD Release. A Truly Incredible Talent who has the potential of being the next Great Artist out of Nashville. This writer is simply WOWED!!”

Sherry Lawrence - The Next Indy Buzz

“Awesome songs! Love to hear your new songs please keep them coming! Miss you lots!”

Marilyn Hooper - Facebook

“You are AWESOME Stephen D.! Wahooooo!!!!! Right on~!!!!!!”

Karen Cowger Heilman - Facebook

“Great Music! I did listen and shared it.... :)”

Tammy Welborn Stockman - Facebook

“Your voice and music are impressive Stephen..proud of you.”

Brandee Hargrove - Facebook

“This is Christopher Ewing, Host of "The Radio Cafe ReverbNation Indie Music Countdown". I'm writing you to say "Congratulations"! Your music has been chosen for airplay on "The Radio Cafe ReverbNation Indie Music Countdown"! Out of thousands of submissions for airplay from all over the world, I feel that you are one of the BEST independent artists out there right now. Way to go Stephen D.”

Christopher Ewing - Metro Media Group

“I love these songs!!!”

Karen Darley-Throckmorton - Facebook

“Wow!!! What a beautiful voice!! Thanks for your friendship on fb. Fantastic!!!”

Donna Gordon - Facebook


Casey Braley - Facebook

“You are Awesome Man !!!!!!!!!!!”

Mary Thornton - Facebook

“Great song!!!! I like it!!”

Tiziana Sandrini - Facebook

“Love it. :)”

Marlene Dumont - Facebook

“good sound!!!!”

Jheri Thomas Coffey - Facebook

“I like your Musi...Sounds good♥♥♥♥♥”

Conny Meyer-Hill - Facebook

“hi...step nice song woww....i love it....”

Maria Luisa Vigilante - Facebook

“great guy and singer!!”

Craig Masselle Yacinski - Facebook

“Love the music Stephen......”

Sheila Sawyers Brooks - Facebook

“Absolutely great Music!!!!”

Brigitte Schulze - Facebook

“I visited Kerrigans last Friday evening and took in a show with the new rising star out of Nashville, TN Stephen D. This artist is such a unique talent and I've been following him since his stage debuts in Nashville last Fall. As insiders in Nashville have been saying and more are now saying Stephen D. is "The Real Deal". His stage presence and high energy performances make for wonderful entertainment, but his voice and delivery of a song and its message are truly unique.”

Tom Blanchard - Country Insider

“i love your music..:)”

Elke Latterner - Facebook

“Hey Steve, I really like "Devil in the Mirror" - Nice :-) ”

Clever Keys - Facebook

“Absolutely love your music!! ”

Amber Nicole Belknap - Facebook

“love your music!!!♥ ”

Marcia Moore Belknap - Facebook

“Great songs!!”

Terri Smith - Facebook

“Have been enjoying your fine country music--well done”

Jimmy Childs - Facebook

“Love you....”

Maria Luisa Vigilante - Facebook

“Stephen,if you ever come to Tx.I wouldn't miss it for the world... your awesome and you will go ...far...Congrats.to ya sweetie”

Dora Spears - Facebook

“Very good music Stephen! I hope to see you play too.”

Bruce March - Facebook

“I would love to see one of your shows. Love your songs Steve.”

Jean Childress - Facebook


Patricia Grant

“Great songs I may try to catch one of your shows in Ga . Take care and stay in touch!”

Dee Lawrence

“Great songs!!”

Terri Smith - Facebook

“Have been enjoying your fine country music--well done”

Jimmy Childs - Facebook


Craig Masselle Yacinski - Facebook

“Great work here Stephen.”

Don Quinn - Reverbnation

“Great music!!!!”

Laura Pebbles Martinez - Facebook

“Great music!!!!”

Laura Pebbles Martinez - Facebook

“If I was the type to have Heros, one man would stand above others, Chris Ledoux. I enjoyed hearing "Devil in the mirror" and it puts you in the same light.”

Rick Scott - Facebook

“Listened to your music. Love it. Awsome !”

Marlene Dumont - Facebook

“Thats awsome. Of course im a fan. Thanks for the link. :)”

Marlene Dumont - Facebook

“Devil in the Mirror is awesome Steve........thanks for posting !”

Dave Michaels - Facebook

“I’m your Number 1 FAN! You’re so incredibly HOT!”

Angela Berry - Moose Journal

“Steve, You are extremely talented, amazing, incredible voice, The Real Deal, Nashville is Going To LOVE YOU! ”

Debby White - Sweet T Music

“ Love the sound Stephen, great vocals !!”

Todd Beal - Facebook


Jane Hardin Kennedy - Facebook

“Just Great Stephen....Thank you for sharing”

Susan Sutton Vaughn - Facebook


Lisa Breiner - Facebook

“love your sound!!!”

Jheri Thomas Coffey - Facebook

“• Bob Mcmichael would like to see stephen come to cowboy state casper wy he has asesom voice move over allen jackson,trace attkins,here comes stephen d ”

“James Breedwell February 5 at 6:02pm Report LET'S BOOK YOU ON WRITERS NIGHTS MON, THUR , SATURDAY EMAIL PAT TO BOOK nashvillemusicgroup@yahoo.com ALL SO LISTEN TO THE NSAI RADIO SHOW CLICK ON JAMES BREEDWELL http://www.nbrn.fm/ Nashville Palace (Kids are welcome) Mondays & Thursdays 6-11 p.m. Hotel Indigo Saturdays 8 p.m.-11”

James Breedwell

“Absolutely awesome... congratulations Stephen. ”

Sarah Byrd

“Good stuff Stephen!!”

Tammy Beal

“I am now a fan of @StephenDMusic for life you all should check out his tunes U wont be disapointted ”

johnnys_angel Lorna Fink

“Now, this guy may just win me over to the country side! He's hot!”

Robin Streicker


Lori Fox

“Stephen, thankyou! I just spent the last 20minutes, while getting ready for bed.....listening....very relaxing. Now I miss Nashville, Tennissee! Good Job. I'll leave this up for others to listen to as well! Check back on myspace, sometime too...Merry Christmas!”

Gina Rose Yankopules

“Stepehen Hi! Thank you very much for sending the link address. Man you are a very good musician and I really like your music a lot of luck and I wish you a very nice day!! Greetings from Hungary!!! ”

George. ( Paul Stanley)

“Your sound is rich and smooth. Sheer professionalism.”

Kat Marco

“Listen to you Stephen D That's as good as it get's! Keep the Music flowing! \m/!”

Kat Marco

“Listening to your link now......YOU are Good ;) ......i wouldn't have any problem listening 24/7 as long as i got to sit up front close!...lol”

Pamela Storie

“You have a great career ahead of you! LOVE your music!!!”

Teresa Hull

“He sings real good!!!!!”

Anna Oglesby


Melodie Marie Best

“Thank you Stephen for the friends add, I have heard your music before and have enjoyed the listen.”

Ladanna Cox

“Best of luck in your career. I'll be following your music and will spread the word Bro!”

Michael Romesburg

“Dude, I like your webpage! Gulf Coast Getaway sounds like a great tune! I remember the days when you used the air mike in the living room!”

Michael Romesburg

“hi!!!!!great music!!!!!!”

Amy Allmon Collins

“do you know Jayce hein? he co-wrote "country boy's world"on Jason Aldeans new albumn. look him up, you guys have alot in commen, keep up the good work. if you ever want to write, let me know!!!!!”

Amy Allmon Collins

“WOW just love it..!!!”


“Stephen, I like your music as well, Great voice brother!!!”

David Statzer

“Hey Stephen, just became a fan and listened to your songs on Reverbnation, Love your music!”

Patty Singleton-Hudson

“devil in the mirror is great tune. we all have mirrors too.”

Catfish Hooker And The Taildrag

“Wow just love it..amazing, your music and voice..keep on rolling ..God Bless You..”


“I’ll definitely be getting Stephen D's album!”

Billy Sidwell

“I have 2 favorites. Devil in the mirror and Right About Now this guy is awesome ♥”

Melodie Marie Best

“Not generally a big country fan, but this guy sounds Great! I think Devil in the Mirror is my fave.”

Natalie Austin Chamberlain

“My favorite is "Gulf Coast Getaway" I like the beat and the vocals - it was all good!”

Robin Streicker

“I caught "Devil in the Mirror" and love it!”

'Kathryn Smith

“Luv Gulf Coast! great song - hats off to you!!”

Terry Hudgins

“Dream Big & work hard Stephen D. you will make it :) ♥ I keep clicking on and listening, you ARE the one to BEAT!”

Melodie Marie Best

“Everyone Listen to Stephen D. You will be singing and tapping your toes!”

Celia Hudson