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““Stephanie Hatfield and Hot Mess have carved out a distinctive niche - playing songs about heartache utilizing Hatfield’s glorious howl. The sultry Hatfield fronts the otherwise all-male band with a sexy swagger, rarely giving away her classically trained past that also involved various other styles including gospel and jazz."”

Flagstaff Live!

““Stephanie Hatfield came on and lit up the stage. Her eyes were lined all Clockwork Orange status, and her deep set of pipes, swinging hair and white teeth made her seem like the goddess of rock ’n’ roll on her very own altar.””

Rob Wilder - Santa Fe Reporter

“In just two years, Stephanie Hatfield and Hot Mess-with Palmer on rhythm guitar, Justin Lindsey on lead guitar, Matt McClinton on bass, and Andy Primm on drums-have amassed an enthusiastic following in Santa Fe and beyond, particularly among music fans who see the band’s power-chord grit as a much-needed counterpoint to the region’s ubiquitous Americana. Hatfield’s throaty, expansive voice soars and dive-bombs through songs of love, disappointment, and cautious optimism. “Looking for something in this desert that’s alive,” she sings on “Blue Miles.” A common theme on the band’s self-titled 2010 CD that also surfaces on their new album, released this summer, is the cold-shower truth that often comes with the maturation of romantic love. “I thought I was the chosen,” she sings on “Suffer,” “but now I only take the blame.” ”

April Reese - Trend Magazine

“The Tracks finds Hatfield and her band once again at the top of their game. Hot Mess guitarist Bill Palmer pulls quadruple duty here, performing production, mixing, and recording tasks. Hatfield, a classically trained singer with a strong background singing gospel, country, rock, and jazz, continues to be a stellar vocal presence, and here she has tempered her studio tendency to push her voice out of a beautifully sustained note into an overly raw, rock ‘n’ roll scream – an effect that holds more weight for her in a live, outdoor setting anyway. Hints of Tom Petty’s “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” peek through the guitar phrasing of “Wrong Side of Dawn,” and Hatfield’s voice builds like Alannah Myles’ does in the 1988 hit “Black Velvet.” “Wrong Side of Dawn” is one of two rockin’ scorchers here. The second is the anthemic “Walls Are Not Mine,” which gathers all of Hatfield’s many influences into one of the best instrumental buildups – and album clo”

Rob DeWalt - The New Mexican - Pasa Tiempo

"(They) illustrate an evolving creative practice. Hatfield and company offer uncompromised music and a willingness to explore fresh terrain. Wrong Side of Dawn and Be Enough exemplify the band’s non-committal to singular influences. The former has the markings of the bands signatures: guttural vocals belting lyrics that are slightly south of best intentions; broad strums blend with bent string textures and fully calculated rhythms. Think of Lucinda Williams where the particles of her madness pepper every step. Together with the songs “Shadow” and “Compare,” the latter reaches into the neighborhood of new wave syncopation; it is a different brand of rhythmic aggression than R&B/Blues rooted raw nerve. Synthesizers sweep and choreograph the songs with urban complexity providing fertile ground for Hatfield to stretch her legs into the cracks and crevices of the songs. The three particular songs offer a refreshing direction to the album and surprising new distance for the band.

Gabe Gomez - SantaFe.com

“ “I can’t deny it – this band is damn good, and the album is awesome.” “If anyone reading this has not yet seen this band, check them out where you can” “the audience on the floor couldn’t stop dancing.” ”

Charlotte Jusinski - Santa Fe Reporter

"Stephanie Hatfield and Hot Mess are sexy, smart, pop punk, rock and roll and no hold bar. With her hypnotic voice and and mesmerizing eyes, Stephanie captures you and puts you under her spell the second she walks out on stage! Her seductive movements keep everyone interested but it’s her lyrics and the sound of her voice that ignites your soul with her music. Having played around the Santa Fe/Albuquerque music scene, Stephanie Hatfield and Hot Mess have gained the respect of fellow players and admired by many more! If you’ve never seen this band in one of our many live music venues, then I suggest you get off your bum and head to the Plaza and check them out!!"

““Stephanie Hatfield and her band, Hot Mess, have been burning up the ‘stage’” “Hatfield is a stunning vocal presence” “(her) debut is versatile, enthralling and, most important, finally available to the public.” ”

Rob DeWalt - Santa Fe New Mexican

“Stephanie Hatfield may be only willing to invite us into the wonder of her life by shoving us head first into the back seat of speeding car that is her remarkable debut album.”