Step Aside (Blues Band) / Press

“Thank you for the amazing performance we always enjoy having you out!”

“Brother you guy's did an awesome job loved the music you really rock it bro. I always have a great time when you guy's perform. Great show!”

“Thank you!! Yall were fantastic!! Can't wait to have you back!!”

“The party was so fantastic and I heard so many comments about your band, you guys were amazing! Thank you so much!!”

Heidi Mathis - Rexton Brand and Product Marketing

“The Step Aside band with Clarence Castillo were amazing he makes it look easy ... it was my luck to not have charged my batteries but I'm making it a point to catch this band again ..”

"STEP ASIDE" amazing Blues Band !

“yes sir! Step Aside kicks major ass and is the only band that can give me my origanl blues fix...get down with the blues!!!”

“Firsts time I have ever heard you guys play. All I can say is you all are bad ass. What a great job you all did. Loved the show.”

“STEP ASIDE is a step above anything you've heard around here!!! These guys are badass!”

“What a wonderful show! Can't wait for next time!”

“Thank you Clarence! It's always a great night when Step Aside is in the house!”

“STEP ASIDE Rocks the Blues. I went to the Swig Martini Bar and really Enjoyed the show. WOW!!! Looking forward to the next one. Thank you Gentleman!”

Willow Roundtree (Fan) - Willow Roundtree (Fan)

“Clarence"Clete" Castillo is an extremely talented and gifted artist/musician. Clete's diversity and talent set's him apart from most others. His music crosses all boundaries and reflects life in a raw and real way. He takes you from tragedy to exaltation and leaves you emotionally exhausted. He brings you the blues through young eyes and life experience that would normally come from an old soul. Now that my friends is talent! He's refreshing and real. Clete's voice was born for the Blues and he does it with class and respect from those that have paved the way before him. Clarence Castillo is the real deal and its a privilege to endorse and recommend him.”


“Awesome Blues Band! Get Down With The Blues! ”

Sandra Soto - Fan


“Step Aside is an honest, real Texas blues band, playing original music, not covers like most blues bands. I recommend seeing Clarence and his band if you want to hear real Texas blues. ”

"These guys will remind you of the old days going to Billy Blues on Grayson!" Jeff / TOR

“Guitarist was ripping the guitar lots of good solid clean licks. Bass player walking that bass. Drummer only using the snare and high-hat. I've always believed that a person cannot learn how to play the blues. I believe it has to be in your blood, heart, and soul. These guys definitely had it! ”

“The boys were jamming to some gritty Texas Blues bringing back memories of old blues greats! Had the people mesmerized with the down home Texas blues. Highlights of the show were “Rock Hand”, “Monday Morning Blues” and for a moment I could’ve sworn Albert King was in the building!”