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“ArtsMallorca.com ( Spain ) STEN HOSTFALT SOLO CONCERT XXXV ENCONTRE INTERNACIONAL DE COMPOSITORS Nov. 21 2104 " Este virtuoso guitarrista y aclamado compositor neoyorkino se inicio' en la escena internacional del jazz a mediadosde los años noventa y desde entonces ha recogido numerosos premios por sus originales proyectos y grabaciones. Y es que, Sten Hostfalt es un músico innovador que ha ideado ténicas para el seis cuerdas estandár y más allá del sistema temperado de doce notas. En el XXXV Encontre Internacional de Compositors presenta en solitario su proyecto Microtonal guitar¨”

“Fresh Music : EXPLORATIONS WITH THE CREATIVE WORKSHOP ENSEMBLE FOR MUSICIANS, ARTISTS & TEACHERS by Jon Damian [ YO Publications 2015 ] ISBN 978-0-9863105-0-8. Library of Congress Control Number 2015901154 Chapter 11-Week 11 ( pg. 135-138 ) Sten Hostfalt : Microtonalism " I'm very excited to introduce to you Sten Hostfalt, a Creative Workshop ancestor. It was about ten years ago ( this written in 2006 ) that Sten graced CreW with his creative efforts. Sten is a leading innovative guitarist and composer working in the New York music scene today. He performs with some of the most original and unique voices in modern music. Sten has been called 'highly exceptional' by legendary American music icon Jimmy Giuffre and 'virtuosic' by musical innovator Joe Maneri." - JON DAMIAN Professor, Berklee College Of Music.”

“Hostfalt uses conventional instruments and obtains microtones through various other means. More or less pure-toned microtones, buzzes, string scratches and other timbral textures weave in and out of the aural palette in an attractive complexity. "Major Changes" begins with electric low notes, then follows with rapid figuration, microtonal chords and arpeggios. "Eight Variations" features acoustic figurations without a tonal center. Down-tuned lower strings punctuate the texture dynamically. "Alive on the Dead Screen" brings in increased energy. A white noise wash of electronics in the background to distorted electric noise-oriented Post-Hendrix utterances you hear the influence of the Hendrix at Monterey finale and "Third Stone from the Sun". The electronic wash varies, interjecting Morse-code high frequency punctuations underneath the psycho-workout. Pretty convincing. Hostfalt gives you another angle on exploring tone colors and guitar abstractions that you will not want to miss.”

" Not for the faint of heart, but more for those of us who think that the late great David Tudor got a bit 'easy listening' towards the end, and Derek Bailey may very possibly be the God that others of us thought Clapton was in the 60's. Utilizing Joe Maneri's Micro scale "Alive on the Dead Screen" shreds and distort over a droning, howling background while "Icons" quick-picks through a seemingly decaying landscape. Beyond rapturous. The 'Lighters' suite pits Höstfält improvising against a tape of himself from an earlier timeframe, very sharp and 'on point', while 'Major Changes' moves more into John Fahey territory-with well-thought-out and absorbing results. In fact this entire 40-minute live recording from Knitting Factory NYC reaches that peak early and stays there with very little difficulty. Certainly one advantage of microtonality is that you will get new runs of notes, new chordal matrices. High-density, highly logical in a completely different way and highly recommended.

"Sten Hostfalt takes the rigid confines of the Guitar and transforms it into an instrument capable of exploring the minute spaces between traditional notes by using altered tunings, mechanical preparations and Electronically enhanced techniques. The result, 29 Pieces for the Microtonal Guitar, is an intriguing recording that shows just how far an instrument can be bent and altered to meet a more experimental and adventurous need, taking you on a journey to a place where rules, quite simply, don't exist and anything is possible "

“Guitarist Sten Hostfalt develops a finely- detailed, insect-scaled musical system in which a thousand granular details, seemingly disjointed and unrelated, fuse to build a giant mound swarming with life. The leader's fussy guitar work often comes off as the fine print in a broadside combining jazzy basslines with spacy synthesizer wobbles and rockish riffs. The total immersion in a miniverse of finely etched detail that Hostfalt takes to glorious extremes in "29 Pieces for Microtonal Guitar recorded live at the Knitting Factory-among the most riveting explorations of the microtonal world ever recorded. It's fine focus of beauty and detail puts the cycle in a class with John Cage's exquisite "Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano". Hostfalt contracts the material to the crystalline scale of fly wings, piercing the mind and soul with intimations of the deep and strange order of the universe. The live recording is almost desperately intense and immediate.”

“Sten Hostfalt has created his own repertoire incorporating microtones. A Genuinely Innovative approach. In the future 29 Pieces For The Microtonal Guitar may be considered a groundbreaking work expanding the sonic continuum available to the guitar.”