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"Blood Scent" could definitely be compared to "Vulgar Display of Power", as they are both excellent albums and have the Pantera sound. The album is beautifully produced, sequenced and written. STEMM have made a near-perfect album, with a very diverse style and great riffs. This is groove metal at its best.

“After some research, I found out that this Groove/Hardcore metal band who hails from Niagara Falls, New York, has this major musical following from the UFC community. So much so that their songs “Face the Pain”, Holding On” and “Fallen” are on in the background or intros for almost all UFC events and shows on Spike TV and pay-per-view events. Their brand of metal is melodic and heavy; brutal and heart wrenching. It now makes sense to me how these UFC fans can be into this brand of metal… really… what’s more metal than kicking some dudes ass? Not much!”

“Bottom line: Whether you like your metal in the radio-friendly mode of Disturbed, or in the Pantera/Damageplan/Hellyeah vein, this album has something for you. 4.5 metal skulls”


“The vocals will be clean then drift into screamo with a strong instrumental backing.They are a visual treat to see perform."”

"STEMM totally pulled me in and blew me away with their music and performance. I have heard bands use various styles of rock but usually by changing up the music separately in each song.Stemm incorporates all the various styles in one song.The way it is blended is total genius.

"The mix of modern, grooving and at times melodic metal and hardcore (Pantera in some ways is a good reference) tastes great."

Bart Nijssen - Aardschok Magazine

"Chugging guitar riffs, heavy themes & dynamic metal song structure, STEMM have a new cd out that crushes the competition!"

"If I had to describe the album on whole I would say fans of bands like Pantera-due to the metal guitar attacks that are equally shown from song to song, Mudvayne and even Chris Cornell with the vocal arrangements and the melody driven areas that intertwine easily with the metal backdrop of sound."

"STEMM are not afraid to show all sides of the band which entails the melody driven elements and their singer/guitarist Joe Cafarella not only has that rash rugged growl but damn the guy can sing."

"Relentless and full of sound makes you wake up quick and realize these guys aren’t fucking around."

"This modern metalcore act brings the thunder, with crystalline radio-ready production and a sound that brings to mind Pantera and Metallica."

"'Blood Scent' is hard-hitting, mean, and covers just about everything you need in a new metal act."

"If you’re into heavy groove acts like Disturbed, Slipknot or Mudvayne then you’ll find something on Blood Scent that will give you a rise."

"As soon as they took the stage, it was obvious that they are seasoned performers and musicians. their energy and ability to connect with the crowd was impressive. And although they have definite hardcore influences, they show a lot more diversity in their playing than one might expect."

"Joe Cafarella of STEMM makes the best damn omelet I've ever eaten!!"

"Stemm are a real band who embody a region’s frustration yet also embrace the outside world with identity intact, their eyes peeled and knives sharpened. There is a human side and a raw element, like the vibe of Louisiana’s Down influenced (but still their own rumbling beast of carnival purity)"

"The UFC and Stemm make a great fit, as these dudes are real trench warfare guys, It translates into the power of the songs, adding impact to the more physical parts of the band’s tunes that some groups have to think about to get to."

"This is easily the best produced Metal album since the days of PANTERA’s Far Beyond Driven and any KILLSWITCH ENGAGE album ever released…nothing can touch this one!"

"I’ve never heard a mixture of music so perfectly screaming for heavy rock airplay…it’s as if PANTERA and a tinge of the melodic hook from CROSSFADE broke one off in the ass of HATEBREED…without even offering to pick up the dinner check!!!"

"The music is very heavy, reminding me of the classic metal that I love. If you like metal, any kind of metal, I am betting you will enjoy Stemm."

"Stemm is the best definition to how Metalcore should sound and act. With hope that upcoming Metalcore bands will learn from these people."

"In Stemm's singer you can find a happy mixture of Phil Anselmo, Cory Taylor of Slipknot and even Disturbed’s David Draiman. With insurance, this is a hell of a mixture."

"Stemm present Groove Metal / Metalcore in a different light, in which both New Schoolers and Old Schoolers should enjoy."

“...they are a 4 piece band that plays music I’d best describe as “Power Metal”, which is a term that I first remember hearing Pantera use, & it really says it all! ”

“Bridging the gap between thunderous hardcore-styled metal and the more approachable radio metal sounds of say, Disturbed, is no simple feat. However, paving that bridge with enough guts to be aggressive and powerful but a sense of melody that...”

“Stemm should be seen as a breath of fresh air to music listeners who feel that the metal/hardcore genre has been getting extremely stale. With their debut album, the band breaches the lines that separate metal and hardcore with traditional hard rock. This creates a new and unique sound...”