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After meeting Stelle Amor, you begin to realize why she stands at a towering 6 feet tall. It took all that just to try and contain the enormous personality that lies within her; her bubbly, infectious laughter, magnetic energy and that voice... that voice which has been describe as “timeless”.

But look a bit closer and you will find a dead serious passion and drive toward success. That is why Stelle Amor is destined to succeed in this tumultuous business of music.

Born in Olathe, Kansas and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Stelle’s introduction to music came from her parents playing classic rock and country albums in their home. Although, it was her dad’s love for the blues that really opened up her musical interests. Artists such as Etta James and Nina Simone cemented a passion for soulful music that continues with her today.

Stelle’s inspiration developed at an early age. She had begun writing songs around the same time other kids were learning to ride a bike. “I literally have folders of songs that I have written as early as first grade” recalls Stelle. At age 10, Stelle’s first instrument was the bassoon- not exactly a rock star’s instrument. She later picked up the guitar and the piano to help develop her songwriting abilities.

“My original plan was to be a songwriter” says Stelle when reflecting on her early musical days. “If it weren’t for people pushing me to sing my own songs, I may have never realized my dream to be an artist”. But when your vocal styles are compared to Etta James and Amy Winehouse, you better believe you need to sing. And that’s exactly what she did.....sing!

As Stelle’s musical prowess developed, so did a dream to move to Nashville and work with some of the best songwriters/musicians in the world. While working hard as a waitress in Louisville and saving money for the move, she ran into Johnny and Betty Sowards. The Sowards helped connect Stelle with John Dorris, manager of John Michael Montgomery. So in February of 2013 he made the trip from Nashville to Louisville to see her perform.

“I remember we played this hole in the wall in middle of nowhere called The Loft and it was packed. It had been snowing and it was extremely cold, but John had made it up from Nashville and it was a beautiful night,” recalls Stelle.

In the summer of 2013, Stelle packed her bags, moved to the Music City and began working under the management of Debbie Zavitson.

While acclimating to life in Nashville, Stelle had her first introduction to recording at Benchmark Studio on Music Row. She recorded her songs “Trigger” and “Problem Child”, produced by and co-written with Rick Beresford and Deanna Walker.

Stelle is currently traveling with her band performing venues and festivals across the US. She has played festivals such as the BB King’s tribute show, Hippie Hill Earthday, FestaPhil and has performed at the world famous Bluebird Cafe. She has been featured on “Women of Substance” podcast and also Emerging Artists Nashville.

Stelle also keeps a demanding writing schedule, co-writing with some of the finest writers such as Fred Knobloch, Jeff Silbar, Vee Lasher and producer Bobby Boiken. Stelle also has another musical project called Side Trip with Kris Bradley.

Her musical sound has been labeled as “Soulternative”, blending various styles of soul, blues, alternative and pop, and has been compared to Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin and Lana Del Rey.

Now working with a new team and a recent signing to Stray Star Music, Stelle is on a course to “serenade the world” as she likes to describe her journey. “When you see her perform live, she is fearless and leaves everything out on the table. So many bands today don’t elevate their live performance to reflect their recorded music. That is absolutely not the case with Stelle Amor. She is a true artist” states Joe Paris of Stray Star Music.

For more information on Stelle checkout www.stelleamor.com, on facebook at www.facebook.com/stelleamor, on twitter at www.twitter.com/stelle_amor and instagram at www.instagram.com/stelleamor

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