Stella / Press

“The group's inventive arrangements range from spare to lavishly ornamented, as background voices dip, soar and swirl in gorgeous harmonies that accent and fulfill each lead singer's storyline.”

Jack Bernhardt - News & Observer

“The women--Julie Woodmansee, Alison Jones, Julie Mooney, Liz Wing, Marya McNeish, Betsy Levitas, and Stacey Anderegg--have done two house concerts at the farm, the most recent one in October (to standing ovations and encores). They excel at anything they take on: old rock 'n' roll, gospel, foreign-language songs, novelty numbers, anthemic tunes of peace and freedom, et al., all performed with cool arrangements and strong harmonies. They have been the anchor group for the Murphey School Radio Show, a benefit musical/comedy/theater event in the manner of old-time radio shows. All that and they're terrific women.”

Peter Kramer - Peter's blog

“It takes my ear a little adjustment to the recorded music when the primary instrument is the human voice. It’s simply because we’re bombarded with so many other types of sounds and overproduced musical works in our day-to-day life, the purity of what they do sort of asks me to take a deep breath.”

Roger Cook (interviewed by Lisa Rossi) - Chapel Hill Magazine

“Different Skies is the second release from 7-woman Durham, NC-based a cappella group Stella, the first being the excellent Gimme Stella. This is a sumptuous, gorgeous collection of 15 tunes, some of which are lightly accompanied by bass, guitar and even a Moroccan riq on the lovely opening cut.”

“Watch Stella's opening clip from the Murphey School Radio Show, an old-time variety show.”

“This is the mystery of Stella. Periodically when we are in a happy and reflective mood, we sit back and think this thing is really almost beyond belief. It's really hard to imagine that seven people have managed to hold a group together with no one in charge. And with various strong personality styles and disagreements over the years.”

Julie Mooney (interviewed by Lisa Rossi) - Durham Magazine