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"If you haven't already Lived through the Stella's Attic Experience! Check them out! There an awesome band they'll re-vive your soul and make you feel like you're on fire with the rhythm of their Tunes!"

"The set started with the band pumping out the opening riff to their song "Rusted Tracks" that had the crowd bumping and grinding. Then Ms. Michaels appeared onstage, raving them up into a frenzy of howls and cheers, before kicking into the song's lyrics. By the time they were making a seamless transition into their second number, Michaels' charisma and the band's rocking precision was so infectious and undeniably real, that even the most devout hipster poser was taking note. It was a rock n roll revolution before my very eyes." Graham Hudson, Webster Hall July 2010

Graham Hudson - Graham Hudson

"Stella’s Attic’s overall sound is unabashedly, unashamedly retro. And honestly, after seeing so many guys wearing girl’s pants, staring at the stage, I could use a little old-fashioned rock ‘n roll showmanship. I may not be down with jumpsuits and love beads all the time, but the way Stella’s Attic presented it was with both love and passion - not to mention the chops to back it up. The Darkness, this is not. The energy reached a peak towards the end of the set, Michaels having completely won over the crowd. Eager twitterers shot cell phone pictures, and the inebriated danced wildly in the center of the space. And then, like that, it was done. As the DJ started spinning again and people once again began to mill about, I heard excited chatter as I made my way toward the exit for a cigarette."

“Yes we got...long Hair.....Bell Bottoms...Fat Riffs....Soulful Vocals... Backbeat Drums...Big Blues Bass!!!!........Unforgetable Hooks!!!!..... Kickass Live Rock n Roll Shows!!!!!!!!! Rock Music, Alive N' Kickin' in the classic, forever loved style of Arena! Satisfaction is Guaranteed!!!”

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