Stelladeora / Press

“If you’re looking for an enchanting, melodic, meaningful ride through the musical parts of life, centered around a brilliant voice, Stelladeora is the band for you. They’re somewhat refreshing if you’re thirsty for something contrasting yet flattering with heavy guitar riffs and great beats.”

“Stelladeora gives off a heavier sound, but finds ways to make the dark noise beautiful...The real energy came during the band’s originals, their bodies getting lost in the light of the sunset like shadow puppets...."”

“Stelladeora makes their EP debut releasing the offering, “A Dosage From Delusional”. With heart pumping drums, solid rhythmic guitar work, melodic bass lines, and blistering vocals, the rock in this EP is far from a delusion but rather a reality check that the indie music scene in New Jersey is about to make a big impact. There is maturity in their music that can only be learned through passion, experience, and the hustle in the indie music scene. Every track has an aggressive, yet balanced, execution of melody, rhythm, harmonies, and skillful production – this album covers it all! Nothing was held back in this EP. Having gone through two different producers, and ultimately finishing the EP on their own, “A Dosage From Delusional” is a labor of hard knocks silver lined with love and hope. With a concept element in tact, tied together with an included original comic strip, the creativity and talent runs deep in this quartet.”