Steffie and the Dirty Virgins / Press

“Steffie & the Dirty Virgins Bending Genders and Strings STEPHANIE LOVELESS SPENT years perfecting her slightly vaudevillian, Transgender acoustic act, incorporating performance art into her folksy ditties Before she thought, “fuck it,” and went electric. While the resulting outcry Wasn’t quite as rambunctious as when Dylan did it, she still found herself shut out of The Dirty Show. Yet, on she rocks, and she’s assembled a killer band to back her up. Teal Marie (aka Mark Schneider) is glad for the opportunity to mix music with her transgender lifestyle, and the girl can shred. Meanwhile, Mona LaGroan supplies the backing vocals.”

The Metro Times

“They may be Detroit’s most multifaceted diamond in the rough.Steffie and the Dirty Virgins are bending both genres and our pre-conceptions of gender identity at the same time. Having attended their invitation-only show and video shoot, I can attest that the Virgins’ all original repertoire shrieks and stomps its way from Bowie-esque ballads through Detroit roots-punk-rock and back again with peppery Led Zep riffs and complex sub-rhythms strewn like delicious road kill along the way. With a relentless..almost militaristic beat thrown down by Sugar Shane, the Virgins’ good natured drummer- and anchored by the spot on bass styling of Trevor Vasher, the band’s youngest at 21-rhyrhm and lead guitars by Teal Marie and Jeff Adams are showcased in both their harmony and polytheistic bacchanal. The cherry on the cake is Steffie Loveless, the writer and lead singer, who strike one as simultaneously cynic and romantic. Final verdict? These Virgin’s definitely know how to get it on!”

Tom Stevens - Edge Magazine