Stefan K / Press

“sophisticated and delicate compositions!”

Leah Kremer - RN

“Such a cool smooth sound, great progressive feel, and outstanding playing.”

The Professor and Naomi Kay - RN

“Clarinet lead smooth as silk. Jazz providing the soundtrack of a cool city night!”


“Very satisfying music!”

Mike White - RN

“You obviously know your instrument and how to write and play in a tough market. Very nice sounds on a Sunday night.”

The Melvinator - RN

“Absolutey wonderful. Just an amazing display of musicanship.”

Greg Ashton Haze - RN

“Wow there is so much to appreciate about this piece, your musicianship is nothing short of impressive, this arrangement ebbs & flows with such commanding passion & competence so it is very difficult to criticize or pick on. A very enjoyable listen.”

Great American Song Contest

“Such a beautiful, gentle tone to your playing.Works so well against the vibes. Just love listening to your work!”

Mike White - RN

“Maitrise complète de la clarinette, respect pour votre jeux!”


“Delicious.. All your work is exquisite but I'm especially taken with "Etude No.9" and your use of empty space...Bravo!!”

Kim Merlino - RN

“Very smooth easy listening exceptionally well composed melodic!”

Enoch. Arcane - RN

“Loving the clarinet now.”

Leeza - RN

“All of the music elements fit into a cohesive structure. The themes are clearly evident and the performance shows your amazing musicianship and noteworthy delivery. So nice.”

Jim Davis - RN

“Exquisite, beautifully performed music. "Smooth Ride" is just brilliant, but as a composition it's "Summer Forest" that excites me. Love the more free-form structure and tone to it. A few more melodic climbs too. This style of music always enthralls me ... jazz is the best way to learn about playing!”

Mike White - RN

“When you can draw me in within a few notes...you got me!! I love it!!”

Christine McHoes - RN

“Really cool experimental jazz!”

Simon Husberg - RN

“This is some really interesting music. The whole small smooth jazz ensemble with a CLARINET taking lead. You make it work very well.”

DeJay Mullins - RN



“Brilliant tasty ear candy!”

Turquoise Rose - RN