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steez / Press

“[STEEZ] named one of the 10 most influential Madison acts of the 2000s ”

“Each player is able to showcase their skill and lays a sonic landscape of funk...I must say that this is a hugely impressive debut album from Steez that I cannot recommend enough. Catch this band and see for yourself.”

“The secret ingredient is a lot more synth atmospherics than you might expect, whether it’s Keith Emersonian Moogisms, 80s Casioporn, jamtronic beats or smooshed fuzz-bombs.”

“STEEZ has great stage presence and know how to get a crowd moving. The ambient noises and dash of disco fever truly explored numerous genres to appease the populous of the venue. Incredible instrumentals done by the gentlemen in the band in addition to the hopping melodies.”

“Sensational improvisation during live performances attract the audience, catching ears with the funky energy projected from stage.These guys really know how to entertain and explore on their musical skills.”

“STEEZ has a spectacular build up to their music, they don't leave you hanging for the notes, they come naturally and perfectly to a point where you cant stop moving your feet.”

“In most cases, even if this type of mélange catches fire live, it ends up as faceless funk on record. Give Steez credit for bucking the trend with some truly memorable songs.”

“Galactic-style groove with a dash of techno, with some outstanding brass hooks, a good mix of strummed and picked guitar and a fat but busy four-string.”

"Wrappin' It Up" is the showcase song from Creepfunk Crusade. It's grounded in funk, the kind you'd hear at a beer-soaked festival in a Madison park. It's adorned with guitar jams, the kind you'd hear shooting pool at Mr. Robert's on Atwood Avenue. And it's wrapped in a decadent layer of synth pop

“I've been enamored of Steez for much of 2009 because they show how pop music has changed in recent years...They started a band and continued in the long Madison tradition of campus party bands that like to jam. But they deftly reinvented that tradition with a splash of electronics.”

“Steez — They're new and just beginning to make their mark, but Steez have already reinvented the Madison jam band for the electronic era.”

“Creepfunk Crusade is not the first Madison album to incorporate synth. What's significant is that Steez uses synth to reinvent the sound of the jam band, the funk band, the Union Terrace band, the Bratfest band, indeed, all the band types that arguably constitute the mainstream Madison sound.”

“...Creepfunk Crusade, an album that also deserves credit for working in a variety of sounds—squishy electronic keyboards, playful call-and-response horn sections, old-school soul, and even a bit of flamenco—without turning it all into resin-stew.”

“STEEZ voted "New Groove of the Month" for the Oct/Nov. Jambands 250 Contest.”

“One of the most influential bands to come out of the Madison music scene within the last two decades, the electronic creepfunk band Steez will be headliners at the 5th annual NOMAD fest. Steez originally played NOMAD in 2005, before the success of its most recent album and coast-to-coast tour.”

“steez plays a mix of some dirty funk with electronica, latin, and comical overtones”

“Creepfunk Crusade...will prove pleasing to jam lovers, particularly those who hanker for funk”

““Saz,” “Scoring Position,” and “Boss Theme” are quintessential funk, along the lines of the Greyboy Allstars or Dirty Dozen Brass Band.”

“the best definition of creepfunk comes most clearly by way of the first moments of Creepfunk Crusade's opening cut, Trouser Snakes. A Galactic-style groove, dripping with a synth-laden bass line and interspersed with horn blasts, collides with a breakdown thick in Middle Eastern tonalities”

“Let me start by saying that this (creepfunk crusade) is a party album, no singer/songwriter, crying in your beer fare. Clocking in at roughly 72 minutes, you get bang for your buck with this release.”

“Creepfunk Crusade, the new CD by Steez, is a seminal local release.”

“The interplay between guitarist Steve Neary and saxophonist Andrzej Benkowski was the crux of the band's inspired blend of funk, rock and spooky exploration”

“This Mad City band has built up an impressive following in four years, and one immediately-apparent reason was bassist Chris Sell, who didn't necessarily dominate the band but he was a potent presence, bringing true melody and character to his rhythmic mission.”

“The key to multi-phasic jams is the element of surprise coupled with spontaneous composition, and this group possesses the intuition and the communication skills to make the shit work, no doubt about it.”

“Every show they [STEEZ] play right now is better than the last. What impresses most is that for a young band largely comprised on non-classically trained musicians, they fit the pieces together in a very mature manner; synergy.”

“The local quintet plays what they call "creepfunk" -- a disco jam that calls on '70s keyboard-powered funk, jazzy electronica and psychedelic rock. Crowds at the past two 'stache bashes have been so big that Steez is upgrading this year to the High Noon Saloon!”

“The Creep Funk moniker is about as accurate as you can get to describe Steez. The sound is reminiscent of a funked out version of the soundtrack music for klobbing your friend’s ass in Goldeneye for Nintendo 64.”

“Steez is poised to take funk in a bold new direction with their debut disc. Innovative, daring and highly danceable, this disc is funk's delirious, decadent future. ”

“Steez is the future sound of jam rock, incorporating urban elements and funk, resulting in a refreshingly enjoyable listening experience. All systems are go for Steez and a full-length album would be sweet, indeed.”

“Despite having half of their [STEEZ] set overlap with moe.’s last set of the weekend, the crowd was packed in front, on both sides, and even behind the stage. They [STEEZ] may have even represented, per capita, the most rocking out crowd in the place.”

“With exams fast approaching the students need an escape from all the chaos. We need to keep ourselves sane before delving into the hell we call finals week, or for some, finals month. This Friday, steez is going to blow the roof off of the Majestic Theater with their fifth annual Last Day of Class Mustache Bash. Calling this an end of the year pick-me-up is an understatement. This concert will send you into finals saying to yourself, "I'm going to rock the shit out of these exams. Creepfunk style." Creepfunk is the self-defined genre of music the band has given to their unique, one-of-a-kind sound, a style that results in exponentially high-energy concerts that leave you begging for more. In an interview with The Daily Cardinal, lead guitarist Steve Neary explained steez's music in depth.”

“steez has also built up a nice following around the Midwest with sets of controlled jams punctuated by obscure covers by the likes of Blondie and Hot Chocolate. Fans enjoy the variation from show to show, and the group thrives on the element of surprise.”

“The Cubby Bear in Wrigleyville is quickly becoming one of Chicago’s new hotbeds for live music — especially in the jam & funk realms. They’ve booked a ton of great shows so far this year and this Friday is yet another one. This is a showcase of rising Midwestern talent with Zmick and Spread both coming from right here in Chicago and Steez just a couple hours away in Madison. All three of these bands are surprisingly good, seemingly flying under the radar for years, ready to pounce on unsuspecting crowds. This should be one seriously fun night.”

“Steez falls somewhat in the jam-band category but certainly have their own unique twist. Easy to take and highly danceable, Steez also look like they genuinely enjoy playing, a vibe that always translates to the audience.”

“Sure, Steez has reinvented the Madison jam-band sound since it formed in 2003, blending synth and electronica with improvisational funk-rock. But here's the band's most unrecognized accomplishment: It has revolutionized the role of facial hair in the local scene... Steez may not be making beards and soul patches into a new wave of glam rock, but it has turned the mustache into a key part of its identity. That's because the biggest event of the year in Steezland is the annual Mustache Bash. It's a simple idea, a contest among fans to see who can show up with the most unique above-the-lip follicle growth (or, for women, faux-growth). Now in its fifth year, the Mustache Bash has become popular enough for a large-venue setting. The event, which always coincides with the last day of fall semester classes at UW-Madison, takes place at the Majestic Theater Dec. 10.”

“The band [STEEZ] layers think a thick, funky low end with heavy synthesizer, keys, or sometimes accordion, and sax/flute/oboe/fiddle/you name it for a very full high-energy mix. You can really sense the transition from the college party band into a group of serious musicians.”

“After gracing the pages of Maximum Ink over a year ago the creepfunk crusaders from Madison, Steez have continued to develop their unique cryptc, electronic, dance sound and are preparing for their fifth annual mustache bash. Some of their jams in 2010 push the envelope on communicating with life on other planets. It’s funky and dark.”

“Our most ambitious entry comes from Steez who take on a more obscure game in Earthworm Jim. Truth be told, I have absolutely no clue how the Earthworm Jim theme goes, but this sounds cool anyway.”

“Some bands dabble across genres throughout a career, or at least spread experiments into foreign audio territory across an album. “Some bands” aren’t Steez, who cram a repertoire of influence into a single track like skillful schizophrenia. From dub horns to funk jams, Steez will get the party going with a tropical rave. The pre-Lotus forecast is steamy, and it will only get hotter.”

“The band [STEEZ] mixes guitar, bass and synthesizers with accordion, oboe and fiddle (to name a few of the instruments these cats bring to the stage) into a jammy kaleidoscope of groovy rhythms that will surely have The King Club jumping.”

Isthmus - The Daily Page - Events Guide: Steez 3/16 @ the King Club

“the first song of their set definitely caught my attention and woke my ass up a bit. It was an instrumental piece with varied sections that fit together very well. There were some spacey sections driven by the guitar of Steve Neary that resembled the flavor of Barber's guitar from The Disco Biscuits. Then there were the funky, synth-driven sections that made me get up out of my seat and move my feet. When Andrzej kicked in his influence on the sax, the overall sound became the most cohesive, rich, and mature of the night. It was a funky blitz and ended up being my favorite jam of the whole Freq Show”

“Several tracks clock in at over seven minutes, like the cascading, Miami-on-a-Saturday-night party feel of "Rufio" and the sexy jazz/funk hybrid "TKO." There are also several instrumentals such as the hazy, almost ethereal, extended jam "Trouser Snakes."”

“Steez describe their music as "a fusion of sarcasm, Bob James creep, and the introduction of cocaine into the 1980's." Basically, we are a funk band with creepy tendencies," said guitarist/vocalist Steeve Neary.”

The Daily Cardinal - Last Day of Class Moustache Bash

“Listening to Steez' debut disc, Creepfunk Crusade, is like having a slimy second skin slowly envelop your body—the music is atmospheric, down and dirty, cagey, experimental funk. It's the sort of stuff that will make you feel an emotional release”

“All across town bands are duking it out for recognition, but perhaps none want it more than Steez.”

On Milwaukee - BOB Finals: Madison funk jam band Steez gives it all its got this Friday night

“Steve Neary's vocals are reminiscent of Ray Davies and his manic delivery gives Steez's music a fresh, relevant twist on the EP's opener "I Like Your Bangs," a sensational piece of art rock that features the oboe.”

Rick Tvedt - Rick's Cafe - Steez: All Systems Bro EP (2005 self release)

“The band's first disc, All Systems Bro, is a four-song EP with jammy tendencies and a lighthearted touch. Off-the-wall keyboard decorates exuberant, playful prog with traces of classical color.”