Steely James / Press

““Steely's song No More War sports a simple concept and lyric, built around a dynamic piece of music. The rhythm section of heavy drums and groovy bass propels this track through a layered arrangement of solid instrumentation with guitars and banjo making “No More War” an engaging listen."”

-Heath Andrews - Music Blogger

"Wow, took me straight into flashback with the politically overt directness and the music and vocals... all highly redolent of trippy '60s and extremely well done... very intelligent"

Ray Joseph - Rhondda Records

"This anti-war song cries, “No more war/Just peace.” Over a folk-y arrangement, James sings about how men are constantly killing each other. Let’s hope the world gets his message and stops all this warring."-Dan MacIntosh

Dan MacIntosh - Music Blogger

“On Independence Day 2011 in The United States of America, Nashroc Records released what could be the most powerful political album of all time-Free Speech Experiment by Steely James. This incredible, incendiary and important release by Steely James has made a statement that will reach far beyond the limits of the pop world. His mission with Free Speech Experiment seems not for fame, money or the trappings of success, but to get a message out from The People... to The Politicians. Through his incredible talents as a songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist, he is speaking for the masses in a way few are able to do. In many ways, Free Speech Experiment continues the US tradition of great protest singers from Woody Guthrie right through to Chuck D. Now the modern day protester, Steely James pulls no punches with songs such as Unmanned Police Drones, Things That Kill People, No More War, The Corporation, and Black Gold. ”