Steeltrooper / Press

“The best bit about Eternal Warrior is how catchy the songs are. There isn’t one track on this album that is boring in any way. It’s an all killer no filler album that contains some of the best power metal anthems ever heard. Tracks like ‘Night Prowler’, ‘Patroller’ and ‘Ashes to Dust’ are all musically stimulating, sounding massive thanks to the tight production and clean recording that this album has been given.”

“In conclusion, Steeltrooper is one of the greatest metal forces to hit England in a long time. With killer riffage and harmonies the guitar attack draws you into the music. This is compounded by the basic anger conveyed in the bass work of Morgan. The drumming of Gaz helps to fill out the Steeltrooper sound and give them a wall of metal to attack from behind. Owen's vocals feature some great melodies and harsh verses that go along nicely with the lyrics. To finish, Steeltrooper is an amazing metal band with a great sound that will leave you wanting more. Go listen to them and buy the album, its only 6 quid.”

“Wow this is an amazing band, they did something unbelievable. You know how I praise band's that have songs with a sing a long feel to them? These guys you can sing a long to. They are totally and completely awesome. They play good old power metal, but with such emotion and power and might that you are like required to be in love with them. The guitar is awesome, it covers all sorts of sounds. The sound is almost Iron Maiden-esque on some tracks. The bass has quite a few powerful bass lines that create some awesome music. The drums are powerful and have a nice feel. The vocals are phenomenal, sometimes they are just loud and powerful like those of Dio and at other times they are loud and powerful like those of Dickinson, what I mean to say is that they are awesome, well thought out and nicely executed. Overall this is an incredible power metal band with an awesome sound. OVERALL 10/10”

“ Steeltrooper were up next. A truly magnificent band! Metal ferocity like I have rarely heard before. All their tracks, including one never played live before, were tremendous. Powerful, heavy and hook-laden, I could almost hear the name of the band through their songs. Steeltrooper’s style certainly matches their name. They carried off the cover of Iron Maiden’s The Trooper brilliantly. An instant hit.”

Jenny Tate - Rhubarb Radio - Saturday Rocks