Steelshot / Press

“Country fans – are you looking for more of that kick-ass country/rock sound? Well, look no further than the Virginia natives, Steelshot!”

“Steelshot is one of those bands that’s very hard to fit into any one genre. Their music is a fusion of country, Southern rock and metal, along with dashes of other styles in there on top of it. I really don’t think they fit neatly into any genre in particular and you know what? That’s okay.”

“This is truly an amazing band, their roots go deep into their heritage and love for music, it shows in their classic smoothness to screeching insanity, All the best!!!”

Rocko, The Honest Mistake Band

"Killer tunes! Much success."

Artist TEN96

"Southern Pride" kicks @SS!..You play some excellent "locked and loaded" Rock!!!

JV, The Honest Mistake Band

“Great tracks & Awesome sound!! Best, Wayne Benson”

“I enjoyed the songs very much. Excellent musicianship and the vocals are strong as well… I don't give out 4's and 5's easily, Well done!”

“CD release on July 22 was a great sucess, also T-shirts, Stickers and copies of the CDs will be on sale at every show!”


“The Steelshot train is moving fast! Climb aboard! New shows and a brand new cd are coming soon!”