Stealing Heather / Press

“Stealing Heather aims to bring back the forgotten era of "when talent wasn't a purchased commodity."”

“Your Mistake, the sophomore release by L.A.'s own Stealing Heather, can now be added as a bandage to my moody day medicine cabinet. This album has the colored smoke and jolting momentum of Doc Brown's time machine hovertrain.”

“Stealing Heather has emerged from the unsigned depths to finally being noticed by fans across the world. They clearly aim to push their emotions across to their listeners with the combination of aroma and vibe. The difference between this group of guys is you can really tell how heartfelt they are about their music and how inspiring they aim to be.”

“Joshua Aaron's music and lyrics evoke feelings of longing, heartache and separation across these twelve songs and "Your Mistake" stands as a fat and memorable rock record”

Barry Rudolph - Mix Magazine

“Stealing Heather is ready to take that moment, be great - and succeed.”

“Stealing Heather is a band worth keeping your eye on.”

John Benson - Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Joshua Aaron has ventured out on his own to release the music the radio-worn world has been awaiting.”