Stealing Betty / Press

“Stealing Betty brings that Detroit attitude, skill and hard work with every note they play! Great stuff! VRadio listeners are in for a treat!”

LonghairKev - VRadio

“Shut Up is the standout track, mainly because it allows the band the opportunity to really spit out some attitude. It's great to hear a metal band that is genuinely pissed about something, rather than another set of dudes posturing.”

“One of the most powerful and talented bands I’ve worked with. Unadulterated rock-n-roll at its finest.”

M. Puwal - Producer with 9 number one hits and 24 top 10’s on the Billboard Charts

“The Stealing Betty EP will be released on July 1st. I highly suggest you pick it up. If this EP is a sign of things to come, the rock world better make room. Stealing Betty just put in its candidacy for the big stage.”

“Soon to be one of the biggest breakout bands of this decade.”

Director T. McNeal - unstoppable.tv

“I have to be honest - this might be the best album from a local unsigned band that I've heard in the year and a half I've been doing Radio OPIE.”

John Vernier - Radio OPIE