Status Reign / Press

“One of the most enjoyable underground collectives that has steadily developed in the Twin Cities over the past couple of years has been the Background Noise Crew. Following such releases as their last group album, Everybody Does This Vol. 1, or subsequent solo records from various members comes the debut album from Status Reign entitled Brutally Honest. The easy comparisons are there—white rapper from the TC who casually sounds like Atmosphere‘s Slug at times—but that doesn’t change the fact that the music he’s making is solid. While the full-length release is still in production, the first mastered single has been dropped in the form of “Tonight,” which combines Reign’s bubbling flow with a sly club bounce and an infectious chorus. Here’s hoping it’s a sign of things to come.”

“I caught a link to one of this dude's tracks. It was cool. However, after fishing around a little bit, I was really digging this one, so I figured I'd share. Check out Status Reign, "The Chorus."”

“Status Reign is a favorite of No Team In I and as you'll find out by listening to his lead single "Tonight" off his upcoming debut record Brutally Honest he's got a lot to say on a varied amount of subjects. His thought provoking topics can be felt by anyone and his staggering stage presence is astounding. He's got an amazing amount of music to release and even more thought to get out of his head, so if you enjoy great music and more so an emcee with something to say while making music for anyone and everone you're in for a treat...I present to you Status Reign.”

“The hottest Background Noise Crew member people don’t know about yet would be Status Reign. He’s the only emcee in the crew who has yet to release an album, so by default, people don’t know much about him. I’m excited for him and confident people will enjoy what he has to offer later on this year.”

“For the past several months, one local upstart rap crew has been spending a lot of time and work establishing their name around town. Background Noise Crew is an assemblage of some of the Twin Cities’ up-and-coming producers and MCs – Egypto Knuckles, ToneKrusher Smith, Phingaz & TQD (who work as the duo Green Sketch), Analyrical and Status Reign – who combine a classicist indie-rap D.I.Y. ethos with a tireless hustle and a lot of inter-crew brainstorming. So far their efforts have given us Green Sketch’s debut EP So Long for Now, but there’s plenty more to come later this year. This e-mail interview with the crew outlines who they are, what they’re about and where they're headed.”