Status Minor / Press

“Status Minor have started recordings of their third album. Project name for our 3rd "son" is Three Faces Of Antoine. More info soon...”

“Status Minor - Ouroboros Release in April 2012”

Ouroboros release

“The voting has begun for the annual Finnish Metal Awards. The voting lasts until the end of January, and the winners will be announced at the Finnish Metal Expo on February 18th. NOTE! donīt add any extra characters to your answer, just the name (thatīs important for the automatical vote counting). For voting you need to add your name (both forname and surname) and your e-mail address at the end / Confindentiality is guaranteed. ”

Finnish Metal Awards 2012

“Status Minor enters the Studio Audio in Jyväskylä, Finland on 16th of February to begin recording the sequel to their acclaimed debut "Dialog" which was released in 2009.Band will embark on the Metallia Perkele 2010 tour to promote their new masterpiece all over the Europe.”

Studio Diary 2nd album