State Song / Press

“The trio’s sound is dreamlike and built around breathtaking dynamics, as they shift gears — time signatures, tones, emotions, vocal styles — intermittently. Tracks rise and fall, but it’s done more imaginatively and fluidly that the standard “soft/loud” dynamic often employed by Rock bands. Listening is akin to swimming in the ocean, paddling along peacefully one moment, swirling in choppy waters the next, then being lifted by a giant wave, pushed gradually to the top of it, maybe riding that apex for a second or two before crashing back down into the waters and waiting for the cycle to begin again. It’s unpredictable but never unnatural, dramatic but never melodramatic. ”

“After hearing the album, and as impressive a debut as it is, there is nothing like watching the magic unfold as State Song brings these songs to life in concert. Like I said before, they were nominated for a CEA Award in 2009, and my guess is that it won’t be the last time. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they’re nominated or even win “Album of the Year.” ”

“there’s certainly an accomplished Pop undercurrent to allay the noisier elements. Listening to State Song, though, is no emotionally measured experience. It’s more like riding a boat through calm waters and suddenly being swept up in a tsunami — or being gently smothered with a pillow.”