State of Illusion / Press

“My personal favorite song of this album is the song “Find Yourself,” one that can easily become the next radio hit if given the chance(…) Overall, the mix of hard hitting songs with softer acoustic songs should appeal to every fan of contemporary rock, offering a little bit of everything to the listener(…) The passion and movement behind Porter’s voice is unbelievable, easily shifting my mood based on the mood of the song playing(…) Porter’s stunning voice and lyrical ability gives me goose bumps every time I listen to “Aphelion.”(…) I view “Aphelion” as the album Staind should have released, the album I’m waiting for Breaking Benjamin to release, and the album A Perfect Circle will never release. State of Illusion has beaten them to the punch, winning my heart with such an amazing performance.”

"The opening band was a group from South Carolina named State of Illusion. They were fantastic, I would love to have them on tour with Staind again, they set the atmosphere for Chevelle, who came out next."

"The assembled masses had been rockin’ hard for two hours thanks to hard-chargin’ performances by State of Illusion, the evening’s opening act..."