Starmy / Press

“How many bands last a decade and a half? How many sign record deals that go nowhere? A better question is: How many bands can show such musical growth over that period of time, but also the maturity to slow down?”

“Starmy are Salt Lake legends. When I first moved to Utah, I remember seeing them often and thought, ‘Man, if these dudes weren’t wasted they would fucking kick ass.’ Well guess what … They’re probably still drunk, but they sound soooo fucking good now. I caught them at Urban a while back after a year or more of not seeing them, and they were top-notch. On the new album, Dave Combs’ guitar work is tasteful, complementing the vocals nicely and soloing just long enough and just awesome enough to make you say “fuck yeah!” Mike Sartain’s voice is super clear and good enough that I can listen to it for an entire album without getting sick of it. I hope these guys are able to promote this album well and tour behind it. The tracks on this album are cohesive, yet distinguishable from each other. The production is pretty slick—this sounds like stuff you’d hear on the radio. Props to Mike Sasich who recorded the album. This is one I’ll be keeping in my pile of albums that”

“Blue Skies Abound is the perfect title because the album serves as a rock-fueled rebirth. From the onset, a cool change in tone, both in aesthetic and attitude, is clear when compared to previous efforts. Mike Sartain’s angsty vocals are matched up with nearly every supportive guitar tone, for interesting affect. The album’s unsung heroes are the rhythm section, Will Sartain and Combs, who maintian the cool vibe and atmosphere on each track. The album shows growth from a band that seemed dead just two years ago, making this a fitting new chapter in their collective careers. “It gives me goose bumps, because when I hear its contents, its ebbs and flows, I know where they are coming from,” Mike Sartain says. “I know how hard it is to get up off the ground after roundhousing yourself in the face with self-destructive behavior for the past six years.””

“Veteran’s Day: Locals Starmy assert their legacy with Starmageddon.”

“The band played the album almost start to finish. Watching Dave Combs and John Lyman own the stage for over an hour is a sight in itself, the commanding voice of Mike Sartain, accompanied with Joe Denhalter's fantastic backing. Not to mention the addition of hard hitter Kevin Ivers on the kit.”

“Local rockers Starmy are finally ready to drop Starmegeddon, the successor to their 2004 smash, Black Shine, four years and several major lineup shakeups later, Sartain & Co. appear once again ready for their close-up. The Urban Lounge, 241 S. 500 East, 10 p.m.”