Starlight Theatre / Press

“Starlight Theatre are the essential live band. Four guys who deliver well-crafted songs with a contemporary pop/ambient flavour; fabulous!”

“The Lodestar Stage hosted Starlight Theatre, a band in complete contrast to those performing Emmylou Harris numbers around the corner. This long-haired indie-rock band from Brisbane, Australia, had the crowds dancing to compete for a free CD. The singer, giving a lady a CD and receiving a kiss back, told the crowds, ‘I will never wash this cheek again!”

“Starlight Theatre: AFRAID I must be mellowing in my old age …. I really like this! Certainly, the video really brings the music to life which helps, but the song is strong enough on its own merits. Although I’m sure that once you’ve watched the video, you’ll instantly revert to it your mind’s eye should you hear the track played in isolation on the radio. STARLIGHT THEATRE are four-piece from Brisbane, Australia whose last single, ‘The Window‘ was also featured here on LOUD HORIZON. Could 2013 see a UK breakthrough?”

“Although there is a very mainstream element to what Brisbane’s Starlight Theatre do, it is the fact that they manage to bring some finesse and otherworldly under currents to The Window that stops it from becoming just another landfill indie track. The main thrust might have elements of the whole Coldplay-U2 axis of evil about it but its saving grace is a slow burning ethereality behind the main lines of music that builds in atmosphere and tension until a glorious chorus sets it free, exploding in a shower of shimmering electronica and effected guitar before fading away. Starlight Theatre seem to have that magpie quality of stealing the shiny things from the mainstream, the scale of the music, the anthemic qualities and the accessibility without getting drawn into the pomp and pretension of such leviathans. Certainly a band that I will be looking out for in the future.”