Starkey / Press

“...mortar-chucking bass rat ....We'll take your synths that sound like satellites crashing through the atmosphere any way we can, Mr. Starkey.”

“With the potential to be one of the most commercially successful releases from the influential Planet Mu stable, Starkey's album is a perfect blend of warmth, aggression and stammering glitch-hop: anchored by a joyous blend of airy synthesizers and analogue splendour.”

“Starkey's style is rich with crossover potential....”

“Starkey's 2nd album, "Ear Drums and Black Holes" is the best stepping stone yet into the excitement of dubstep's afterlife.”

Jaimie Hodgson - NME

"Stars", a soaring ode to the sky that will feature on the new album, displays a versatility to his sound and his undeniable melodic dexterity. Carrying you along weightlessly on a breeze of gorgeous synths..."


“(Starkbass) is pure dancefloor fire from beginning to end, ...without losing its sharp wit, its focus or its sense of the endless possibilities of current global bass music. A triumph!”

Joe Muggs - Mixmag

“'Creatures' is getting everyone very excited in the office and it's no suprise as it's a reet banger of a tune steeped in skronking bass and crazy electronic japery. It's a busy little number considered by everyone in the office as Starkey's best tune yet. I like it yo!”

“Throughout the whole disc, Starkey seems simultaneously to be celebrating his grime and dubstep roots and rejecting them, and simultaneously laughing and snarling. The result is both exhilarating and somewhat unsettling.”

“Ephemeral Exhibits isn’t some futuristic vision of what music will be like in the 22nd century; it’s simply the sound of the underground. From Philadelphia to London to anywhere that has a street or two, the outsiders are in and have brought extra subwoofers.”

“Starkey was one of the first American heads to turn on to UK grime and dubstep styles some years back, and has since developed his own brand of hyper-riffin and electro infected grime.”

“Starkey has released his first studio album. Starkey farms out monstrous assaults on the brain made from underground pimp-riding effluent: grime, dubstep, crazy bass, and machine-gun fire. Take that, pubic shit-heel!”

“Starkbass isn’t for anyone, especially not the mentally instable. This mix is ruthlessly scary, relentlessly ominous. ...experiencing something completely uncommon among most modern music, Starkbass is your epiphany. In terms of musical experimentation, Starkey is on a new level.”

“Starkey’s productions brilliantly ride the jagged line between hip-hop, grime, and dubstep, so it’s exciting to get a glimpse of the musical peers he thinks are creating similar sounds. As long as you can handle the ride, Starkbass is a superb mix”