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“Here we chat to the band themselves for a bit more information about the origins and future plans of this all-star line-up.. Q: Having a line-up that is sure to draw some attention from the media and fans alike, with members of White Zombie and Cycle Sluts from Hell, how would you describe the reaction to the band music when it was made public and was there any expectations you thought may be expected from fans of the aforementioned bands?....”

“...Yeah, Star & Dagger, although featuring the classic horror-fuelled Yseult and former Cycle Sluts From Hell guitarist Dava She Wolf, have little to do with the trash and sleaze that no doubt make up for a thousand shared memories for the pair, instead pulling away from the gutter and pulling up at a seedy, smoky strip joint of a classier nature, one where the girls take no shit from the men lusting over them and just do what they do...and do it well.... ...The heaviness of the record isn't of the breakneck variety however, it's more a wall of vintage velvet closing in on you, imposing and fuzzy and stinking of another decade or two; death by seduction, stuck in a web as a trio of black widows come a-creepy crawling.”

“4 out of 5 STARS ...I'll admit that I was hooked immediately on this album. It kicks off with "In My Blood," a song that falls right in with a lot of the fuzz rock I've been listening to recently. This song has everything you could want in a fuzz rock tune: a melody with great instrumentation, and tough-sounding vocals. My first impression is that this would fit right into the roster of Small Stone Recordings. No, I'm not kidding. This is true rock and roll with some serious fuzz and grooves that would stand alongside any artist in the Small Stone catalog.”

“Forget Thelma & Louise: Star & Dagger are the ladies you really want to take a road trip with....On their irresistible 10-song debut, Tomorrowland Blues, the swampy, sometimes-metallic tunes include the edgy, honky-tonkin' foot-stomper "Your Mama Was A Grifter," and "Before It's a Crime," whose ominous low-fi bass rumblings support lyrics such as: "...So you killed a few men in your time... can't execute you before it's a crime."”

“★★★★★★★★☆☆ Review by Geoff Barton What’s new, pussycat? Star & Dagger are Dava She Wolf (Cycle Sluts From Hell guitarist), Sean Yseult (White Zombie bassist) and vocalist Von Hesseling, described here – with unerring accuracy, it turns out – as a hybrid of Tina Turner, Cherie Currie and Anita Pallenberg. This debut overflows with sleazy blues-rock and bursts with trailer-park strut; it sounds exactly like the girls were produced – and seduced – by Russ Meyer. She Wolf’s guitar growls like a chained-up Alsatian; Yseult’s bass rumbles like an idling Mack Truck; Hesseling’s vocals can best be described as ravishing – in both senses of the word. As you can imagine, this is very good stuff indeed. Ten trash-laden tracks, then, climaxing with Your Mama Was A Grifter, a tale of a vixen man-eater who ‘drained them dry and then gave them the shove’. Much like this album, in fact. ”

“Don’t let this album’s artwork fool you: while it might suggest Star and Dagger are some kind of uber-stylish jazz trio (or on the back, stoned board game enthusiasts), in fact they are serious axe- wielding rockers, as if Alice in Chains actually had some Alices in it (and the explosion of opener “In My Blood” reminds me of the impact “Them Bones” had on Dirt).”

“this group is interesting in its funkier grittier underside, mixing Blue Cheer with Motorhead with 70s riffing and compositions alongside a crumb of blues here and there while reflecting some of the more recent hybrids in the insurging generations.”

“With the band (somewhat) intact and the album coming out at the end of this month, Star & Dagger was called “The perfect blend of Black Sabbath and Valley of the Dolls” by Lina Lecaro from the LA Weekly. However, both She Wolf and Yseult have had a few bands prior to their musical successes which didn’t pan out. So what is it about Star & Dagger which makes this band different from the others? - See more at: http://innocentwords.com/star-dagger-rock-roll-animals/#sthash.QhOdObLO.dpuf”

“...the real women of grit are few and far between. Von Hesseling has balls. Star & Dagger are all about the balls. Sean Yseult (White Zombie), Dava She Wolf (Cycle Sluts from Hell) and Von Hesseling have ample proven pedigree individually. Collectively, they’re an unstoppable powerhouse.”

“Sean Yseult calls in to talk about that fateful night the legendary Lenny Kaye (Patti Smith Group) suggested Sean and Dava join forces to create a kick ass rock group that would later become Star & Dagger. Listen to us discuss their new album “Tomorrowland Blues” their movie influences and their summer touring plans. Star & Dagger is: Sean Yseult, Dava She Wolf and Von Hesseling”

“Star & Dagger list New Orleans as the band's home yet by barely picking at the scab it becomes obvious that this is a band with members spread out over the United States that, when called, come together and, effortlessly it seems, lay down seductive, brooding slabs of desert rock that are so good, so keen to worm their way under your skin (and stay there), that you find it hard to believe just how good it is...an outfit who seem destined to become one of those cult bands who are truly taken to UK hearts.”

“STAR & DAGGER will make a rare U.S. appearance on Sunday, April 14 at Mercury Lounge in New York City before flying overseas for an extensive European tour.”

“Watch their first video, Your Mama Was A Grifter, a scandalous bit of art trash filmed in glorious black and white by master director Art Haynie. Inspired by old chain-gang songs, the video makes reference to many a film – Night Of The Hunter, Cleopatra and even the old Batman TV series – but is essentially a tongue-in-cheek homage to Russ Meyer’s Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!”

“Occasionally, you hear a band that is really ugly and domineering but somehow sounds like they could be poised for commercial success. I’m talking about the Baronesses and Fucked Ups of our time, bands that wrote songs that stuck in your head and had big production because they had an idea and knew how to pull it off, not because they were actively trying to sell more records. I imagine this will be the case with Star And Dagger, and not because they are easily marketable in terms of their “ex members” credentials, but because they just write really good songs. This 12” is three doomy stoner songs with female vocals that have a heavy focus on both the low end and the melody. The music is more reminiscent of early Sabbath/Jerusalem than more recent doom/stoner rock and everything is so methodic and in place it’s hard to nitpick. The guitar tone is perfect, the song structures are engaging, and the vocals fit the music perfectly.”

“Superb sludge n’ rollers Star & Dagger have just announced a new venture and dropped news of an upcoming UK tour! From the band’s FACEBOOK: “STAR & DAGGER has joined forces with ROCKY ROAD TOURING! April UK tour dates with SUPAGROUP, will be posted here soon!” ”

“On the Le Carnival stage at Voodoo Fest Friday, Oct. 26, the trio of rough-rocking ladies was joined by a pair of other longtime buddies – guitarist Dave Catching and drummer Gene Trautmann, both former members of stoner-rock kings Eagles of Death Metal and Queens of the Stone Age. The new members, apparently, have added a weightier, sludgier edge to Star & Dagger’s glam-tinged rock 'n' roll sound; on the sunny afternoon in the park, the band’s sound rolled in like a dark curtain of thunderclouds, grinding and jagged.”

“It might be hard to remember now, but Sean Yseult was the bassist back when White Zombie were actually a somewhat terrifying hard-rock ensemble, before leader Rob Zombie took the act in a safely cartoonish and more predictable direction. Now Yseult is back in black with the new band Star & Dagger, whose heavy stoner-rock riff s are drawn from Black Sabbath (of course) but melded with the serenely witchy imprecations of lead singer Von Hesseling. Yseult’s spiny bass lines are buttressed further by doom-ridden chords from guitarists Dave Catching (Earthlings?, Eagles of Death Metal) and Donna She Wolf, who rocks with more authenticity here than she did in her somewhat silly former group, Cycle Sluts From Hell.”

“The LP Questionnaire/Pick Three - Donna She Wolf and Sean Yseult of Star & Dagger Quite pleased to bring you an LPQ/P3 with the sultry ladies of Star & Dagger. Formed last year, they've already released an EP, the b-side of which was recorded by bassist Sean Yseult's former bandmate, J. Yuenger. The group's pedigree includes not only White Zombie, but Cycle Sluts From Hell, Eagles of Death Metal, and Queens of the Stone Age. ”

“Heavy music runs in the veins of guitarist Donna She Wolf and bassist Sean Yseult. These two rock goddeses hit it big with Cycle Sluts from Hell and White Zombie (respectively) in the late 80's and haven't stopped playing since - they're true rock 'n' roll lifers. She Wolf and Yseult have a new band together called Star & Dagger, a killer combo that trades in the dark, dusty, sexy, hook-driven blues-rock that you'd hear emerging from some idealized biker bar in the middle of the desert. She Wolf and Yseult spoke with us about the band, their forthcoming album Tomorrowland Blues and what they've seen change over the years.”

“Star & Dagger is the new low end riff outlet for bassist Sean Yseult of White Zombie fame. More devil/less disco, the band combine bluesy, sludgy riffing to rival Kyuss with psychedelic feedback plus the crooning vocals of Von Hesseling. Rounded out by Donna She Wolf (Cycle Sluts From Hell) and Dustin Crops, plus live guitar beefage from Dave Catching (Eagles Of Death Metal), Star & Dagger are set to kill. They even cover “Out Of Focus” by Blue Cheer! An upcoming show with Helmet and a 3 song 12″ is due out on Last Hurrah Records featuring material tracked in Joshua Tree with Ethan Allen and songs produced by (and featuring a cameo from) White Zombie guitarist J. Yuenger. A full length “Tomorrowland Blues” is also in the works. Lindsey Kuhn will be doing the album art for Star & Dagger’s first release.”

““My...overall attitude since CSFH has remained recognizable so there was a thread of consistency there that old fans could latch onto. Now I am playing guitar in Star & Dagger with Sean Yseult from White Zombie.””

“STAR & DAGGER, the band featuring former WHITE ZOMBIE bassist Sean Yseult, has just finished mixing its new album, "Tomorrowland Blues", with Ethan Allen and Dave Catching at the helm. The CD will feature the original 2010 recordings from Hicksville Trailer Palace Studios and five new tracks that were laid down earlier this year at Rancho De La Luna in Joshua Tree, California.... ...Yseult described STAR & DAGGER as a band that is "getting back to the metal. It's blues rock, but heavy and tuned down. The members are split between New York and New Orleans, so it takes longer to write and record but I love what we're coming up with.”

“Re: Hicksville Trailer Palace. Joshua Tree..."Everything about the place seemed like a rocker's paradise with its party-like vibe and slightly inebriated patrons. The grounds even include a music-recording studio where Sean Yseult of White Zombie fame recently recorded with her new group, Star & Dagger.”

“Donna She Wolf is a longtime industry vet, best known for her part (as "Honey One Percenter") in the cult band CYCLE SLUTS FROM HELL...Donna has now formed an excellent new band with Sean Yseult (ex-White Zombie & Famous Monsters) called STAR & DAGGER, which has several scalding new tracks posted online at ReverbNation.”