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“London based sibling duo Starar have recently released two scorchers for tracks for their EP titled Summit. Whether it is the classy but subtle interplay between the saxophone and the ‘ever-so-smooth’ vocals on the title track or the incorporation of drip/flow sounds of non-stagnant water into a Dire-Straits meet Richard Marx sort of mood experienced on ‘For the Water’, there is much to cherish here”

“Jenna is presented as part of the Starar band, tells us that would like to share a couple of new songs from their latest EP with us. She describes their sound as a kind of alternative indie-rock with touches dream, and we are much in agreement that we have nothing more to add to it.”

“Sibling duo Starar released a new track last week titled “Holding Out For The One”. This piano-driven track mixes the sounds of 70s soft rock with modern indie folk pop vibes. The song has a bit of soul in it with the snazzy guitar chords but overall, it is pretty mellow with the muted vocals. “Holding Out For The One” generates a glowing warm feeling, from the sweet indie pop composition to the sweet lyrics.”

“(On Unbelievable) The folky guitar sounds are the night time in woodland, passing by gently and quickly before the sun begins slowly to rise up with twinkling keys before the bass kicks in and the world wakes up. Percussion crashes as the city hustles and bustles with people and traffic busily going about their business, the tranquillity of the night a distant memory as the tune pulses and explodes with light and colour.”

“Aside from their new track “Unbelievable”, another Starar track that stands out to me is their holiday number called “Tennessee Christmas.””

“Starar has been releasing music for over four years and has been making changes to their sound for each release. It might just be that they have been trying to find that right sound, being creative and true to the music they were being inspired by at the time their music was written.”

“Within “Unbelievable,” rather than at a set of songs, the contemporary aspect is primarily in the vocals, while the “uniqueness” of the band’s sound is primarily in the mixing. Particularly in the final minute, the mixing provides a choppiness that is not so significant as to disrupt the melodic feel of the song, but does set the sound apart from the norm.”

“Performed @ Arnedale Shopping Centre in Manchester. It was for a Battle of the Bands hosted/setup by SAMSUNG. We were 1 of 12 to be chosen for the event. You can vote for our videoed performance @ http://www.samsung.com/uk/mobilelive/monte/index.html from June 9th”

“I really like your voice....very warm!! Nice music!”

"Starar were played on Friday 04/09/09 on BBC Radio Lincolnshire, The Mix: Introducing program, with track 'Brand New Wave'"

“Starar played on BBC Radio Lincolnshire, The Mix: Introducing program, with track 'Who Will You Hurt?'”