Star & Micey / Press

“Star & Micey encompasses the front stage energy of an Avett Brothers set while maintaining a room filling sound that keeps the crowd entranced and awed.”

Max Bonnano/ Cafe Prytania/ New Orleans LA

“Star & Micey's first performance was so well received that we hope to keep the band in our constant rotation of booking. The energy they brought to the stage was contagious, turning and ordinary night into something exceptional. Look forward to this amazingly talented band's return.”

Meredith Martin/ The Blue Canoe/ Tupelo MS

“Star & Micey put on an amazing live show and they left us all shaking in our boots. Tremendous performers each of them, one of the best live shows I have seen in a long time, and I run a venue, so I see them every night. It was an honor to work with such talented people. So impressive.”

Kelsey Bruenig/ Tin Can Alehouse/ San Diego CA

“Star & Micey have an amazing way of capturing your attention as well as your heart. Their harmonies are enchanting and the blues/ folk infusion that are uniquely delivered by this group settle in your brain and have you humming for days. Truly amazing.”

Agnes Galecka/ Maxine's/ Hot Springs AR

“The best way I can think of to describe their sound is Real. There is a lot of emotion in the music and that really comes across in their recordings. You can feel it. It's easy to tell that they aren't trying to impress anyone but each other. They play music that feels good and it really works. I truly wish more bands could figure this out.”

An Introspective Retrospect

“Harboring a sound that blends Memphis soul with with lo-fi indie rock and singer songwriter introspection, Star & Micey's debut effort is an enjoyable record that is as diverse as it is easy to listen to.”


“Take a bit of folk, add a pop hook and baste it all with some sweet Memphis soul and you have Star & Micey's "The Dockside EP" Once played, you'll find yourself humming these tunes later in the day without immediately noticing it. They are that good. Star & Micey stole my heart on Day One of SXSW and I found myself comparing every act to their music and enthusiastic performance. There is no brooding lead singer or smug guitarist. They smile. They honestly love what they are doing and that is a damn refreshing thing to see. Any city would be proud to say "Star & Micey are based here." Their live show is a must. Tell the family you are already booked. Hell, bring them along. Yup, that good.”

Charlie Gouveia/ Twisted South Magazine

“Star & Micey's music is bubbling with various pop tunes and intimate lyrics. One of the album's best songs, "I Am The One She Needs", opens with soft vocals and catchy guitar and makes you want to be the girl with a carefree loving nature being sung about. ”

The Oxford American

“What will you get from Star & Micey? Terrific folk infused pop music that's melodic and infectious. Their tunes feel like intimate personal missives, but the personal touch is always light and upbeat. These guys are singing their blues and sending them out into the world, and the song that emerges is worth checking out.”

Times of Acadiana

“The band makes smart, solid rock with agile pop hooks and a deep undercurrent of soul… It is Memphis after all.”

Listen, Dammit

“Star & Micey are the new century's hope-filled inhabitants of the city. Carrying on in the tradition of their predecessors, the band infuses sounds that built the city into a collaborative form. They produce a pleasing and vibrant expression that nods respect to the gods of Memphis. It is a groove bursting with soulful pop vocal harmonies, melodic strums of folk, smooth infectious bass and the grit and wail of the blues. ”

The Current

“Whether playing as a three piece unplugged or a six piece fully loaded, this band knows how to make a crowd stomp n' holler. I'd march from Texas to Tennessee in my cowboy boots to see them perform.”

Daniel Drake/ La Carafe/ Houston TX

“They were one of my favorite acts out of all the bands I have seen here and that is a lot of bands.”

Jaz Dixon/ Paste Magazine/ Paste Live

“Star & Micey breezed into our New Faces Nite at The Basement and schooled every other act on the bill. Did the Avett Bros set up camp in Memphis? Upbeat and alive. They made me smile big time. ”

Mike Grimes/ The Basement/ Nashville TN

“Among hand claps and catchy hooks are beautiful melodies and soul stirring harmonies. They've been said to turn an ordinary night into something exceptional. As for me, I'm just looking to have as much fun as these guys seem to be having.”

Hipster Alert

“Star & Micey make winsome, feel-good, old-timey-tinged pop tunes that owe as much to sea shanty-spouting indie acts like the Decemberists as they do straight-up bluegrass bands like Freakwater and Nickel Creek.”


“These guys are young and brimming with optimism, and that's what makes their gorgeously produced album such a fresh surprise. It has an old school sound and vibe with a 21st century alt-folk-rock sensibility.”

Robert Frost's Banjo

“From the blues influence of Beale Street and the country atmosphere of Tennessee comes an indie band that melds these traditional styles with the catchy, upbeat nature of pop.”