Stanton's Grave / Press

“Stanton’s Grave open the first night of proceedings, and their rowdy, SLF-inflected punk riles up the crowd excellently, and barring some technical probs, their set goes down well, their pop tendencies giving way to a few new tunes that show hints of a heavier new direction, entrenched in alt-rock in some spots, in others a bit more technical. Intriguing and a perfect beginning to proceedings.”

“With gruff punk vocals ala Hot Water Music, this self-produced collection of tracks is pretty solid. Most of the tracks are genuinely good and the lack of professional production doesn’t seem to hurt the tunes much, if at all. In fact, there are some true gems on here like “A New Hope” and “Seig Heil Barbie”. There’s not a ton of deviation from the standard punk rock format, but who says there needs to be.”

“Stanton’s Grave take stage first, and lay straight into their abrasive pop-punk to a standing-room-only crowd, who, in an unusual occurrence get right into it from the off, with banter and pogoing aplenty, the calls for “tops off” from the Slugbait crew resulting in a sweaty TV Zombie, before drummer Eoin sets the tone for the night by responding to calls for “jocks off”. A victorious start but the gaps between sets sting with the knowledge that each gap is closer to never being here again.”

“Cork Rock City: Stanton’s Grave to Release Exclusive Version of “TV Zombie”;... ...Cork: Rock City‘s weighty line-up has been bolstered yet again with the addition to the upcoming compilation of punks Stanton’s Grave, who will be contributing an exclusive version of live favourite TV Zombie, recorded at Tony‘s house (as seen in the picture). The band’s blog features an extensive entry on the recording of the new track, as well as songwriting differences between this and the original version...”

“This was a good gig. I really enjoyed Stanton's Grave, thought they rocked the house. There's a really good Pegboy buzz of them and could have potential to be my new favourite irish band. :)”