StankBot Tyranny / Press

“Holy shit you guys have been putting in some work. Mrs2face flat out rocks congradulations that is some good god damn songwriting. Thanks for the chill that went down my spine that I have not had in a long time from hearing a great song. I cannot wait to hear the other songs that will make up your 2nd album.....DSH”

Drug Sick Hero - The Shadow Network

“read the profile....I heard the music.....I am in absolute shock. You are brilliant, talented musicians. Period. I CAN NOT WAIT to hear more from you! ”

“Your Sound and Honesty mean so much to the musical world and Me in particular. your a shot of reality and, Dont let it get to your heads but, give me the "feeling of" not "sound like", "give me a feeling of, Nirvana and the attitude they had. Sincerely Anand Vyas”

“It’s natural to be taken aback by the visual of Stankbot Tyranny; not a lot of power-trios boast a 10-year-old drummer, 13-year-old lead guitarist and 17-year-old bassist (hey, at least one is old enough to drive to gigs). As soon as the band starts playing, though, you’ll forget about their respective ages and get into the raw, punky brand of rock the boys are delivering on songs like “Did You Take Your Medication?” or “Kick The Head.””


“You guts are smokin' hot! Congrats. I wanna live long enough to see tou get 6 Grammy Awards instead of that no talent asshole Justin Bieber! God - You guys are young , but you are loaded with talent. To the top of the mountain guys Rock On- Rick ”

“All I can say is rock world look out and make sure your boots are tied tight because these guys are gonna knock you right out of em. Just listen to their 2 new songs this is an act that you defiantly want to keep your eyes on”

“Rumor: Stankbot opens for Van Halen's forthcoming 2011 tour! Pass it on.”

“Wow what Rockers! I saw Nirvana, Soundgarden and STP! You have the Nirvana vibe! So great! Rock and Roll”

“Excellent musicians...Rock world look out!”

“Stankbot tyranny gotta love it. Young rockstars in the making. I guarantee that drummer is going to end up beating the shit out of all the Jonas brothers and that bieber kid. I just hope the put it on youtube. Huge nod to the stankbot...Peace DSH”

“The Finished "Stink Bot Tyranny"... Pretty cool... I guaranty that when these boys make it big.. this song and "No Mono" and "Rumble Strip" will be the songs everyone talks about being their "good Stuff"... Sort of Like anything By Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Tu Pac, or Eminem recorded before they made it.”

“I believe that all three of you young musicians have got the right music ideas and the talent, that if continued, you all three will be dynamite as Professional musicians.”

“ What a superb young band... Blow those boy bands off the stage lads. Rock On The League Of Nations ”

“Ashley Hoopes, of Salt Lake City, was so impressed with the band that she booked it to play her birthday party earlier this summer. “We were pretty blown away,” Hoopes said. “These kids were just as good as bands twice their age.”

“StankBot Tyranny was selected to perform at the Avenues Street Fair because the selection committee was impressed with the musicians’ talent, not just because they were young and unique, said Nichol Bordeaux, a member of the committee.”

“It’s hard to look down on a drummer who plays like the late Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham. Then again, Will likely doesn’t know who that is.”

“You could tell drummer Will Holle that he reminds you of Keith Moon, the late and legendary drummer of The Who. But he wouldn’t understand the reference. It’s OK, though. Will is only 10.”

“Just blows me away when I think that you can sound this incredible and be so young. Keep them comin'!”

“ "I dont have mono so leave me alone" lol you guys rock! Still cant get over the 10 yr old drummer. DAMN!! ”

Dem Raleigh Boys - Reverb

“you guys ...flppin Rock... I don't quite know what it is but i do know... DONT EVER STOP! you guys mesh perfectly and have a great sound... Keep rocking!”

JBird Music - Reverb

“YOu boys are original, sound great, its funny and it makes you want to smile, you boys are going somewhere soon, hang in there and nevermind the small things, stay away from rock sluts, save your money and you boys are going to be rock stars. Be Cool”

“Self-confessed young punks, Ben, Will and Nick love all things music related”

David Burger - In this week

“I am very impressed with your musicianship, creativity and originality! Awesome. I will check back often to listen and see how you are doing on your musical journey.”

Leo Matthew Chamberlain - Reverb Nation

“DANG, you guys are cool!!! Love the name, too...”

Loren Dircks - Reverb Nation

“Hard hitting vibes, Guys. You may have a destiny to face. Good luck and keep playing! karmakool”

Reverb Nation

“These guys are great!”

Matt Jones - The Woodshed

“When I saw them, I knew I had to have them play at our festival.”

Avenues Street Festival

“These guys are talented”