Standing Penance / Press

“Other nominees for ARTIST OF THE MONTH included LA-VENTURA, HELLION, SIRSY, CONQUEST, STANDING PENANCE and A.D.D. ROCKWIRED.COM will be launching its latest ARTIST OF THE MONTH campaign on April 1, 2014. Nominees for this latest wave include SILVERTUNG, BLACK ANGEL DOWN, HORNBUCKLE, BOSWELL, MAXI WILD, THREE STATE FAMOUS and PAULA TOZER.”

“A heavy metal band from Barbados sounds about as likely as a Jamaican Bobsled team but both of these things exist and while there is no feel good movie made about the former it is only a matter of time before the heavy metal thunder of STANDING PENANCE makes a serious in Stateside rock radio and public consciousness.”

“The new track shows that STANDING PENANCE is a band willing to take chances and move beyond the limitations of their respective genre. This band of Bajans has us curious for more. We're thinking they've gotta a better shot than a Jamaican bobsled team.”

“Standing Penance delivered on the hardcore and the heavy without fail as always, and has remained, at each and every single one of their rock parties all year round, undefeated, unchallenged and uncontested as the most metal of all alternative to hard rock bands on island to date.”