Standard Issue Citizen / Press

"Over 200 Labels & Artists Join Us in Donating Friday’s Profits to the Transgender Law Center"

“The human race may have survived numerous proposed Armageddons, but the fear and romance of a complete apocalypse is lasting, and has influenced film, video games, comic books and music. On Friday (March 8), show up to Broadway Joes and prepare for Dimension: A Call To Arms, the party before the end of the world. Like danceable beats, heavy bass and thrashing keyboards? Standard Issue Citizen is prepared to give you a healthy dose.”

“SIC's "Death as a Fashion Statement" was featured on Caustic's Detox podcast episode 5 dedicated to unsigned industrial artists.”

“Razor Blade Dance Floor #127 included Standard Issue Citizen's remix of Blind With Rain's "My Time Was Yesterday" from the [Pressing Digits With Data] remix album”