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"Amazing! Absolutely AH-Mazing!!! If you haven't been paying attention, we are absolutely in lust with Stamps! They're an unsigned El Lay foursome and a relatively unknown commodity, but we think they're one of the most perfectly pop-tacular bands on the entire freaking planet!!!...Ren's voice is soooo angelic, so powerful! We seriously LOVE Stamps so much we could lick them!!!"

“You've probably never heard of Stamps before. And that's a shame! This Los Angeles band is getting no radio play. In fact, they're not even signed to a label! Yet they've released a debut album that is so dope! Pop deliciousness with a female vocalist! Our sweet spot! Their song Leave You Lonely reminds us of Sara Bareilles with a touch of disco! So fun!”

“Don't mistake Stamps for your everyday catchy, contemporary, dance-inspiring pop band. Their mission is a bit deeper than that - “to write music that is fun for people, that helps them get over broken hearts and hard times.” Singer/songwriter Ren Patrick and songwriter/drummer Adam James first bonded three years ago in Los Angeles over their shared passion for music. Ren, a Texas native, studied jazz and musical theater growing up, while Adam, a Chicago transplant, has played with members of OneRepublic and OK Go in the power pop band Debate Team. He is the perfect complement to her powerhouse voice, and together they've just embarked on the High School Nation Tour, with Trevor Jackson, Blush and Justine Skye. While you wait for them to come to a city near you, sample their self-titled CD, available on iTunes. When they wrap their tour, they'll be hitting the studio to work on some new material.”

“Being in a band is like being a part of a small business, a friendship, a romantic relationship, and a family all at once. There's always going to be ups and downs, professionally and personally, but the groups like Stamps which can survive the bumps along the way will come out on the other side stronger than ever before.”

Unsigned Corner

“Disco is back! And stronger than ever! We've gone from nu-disco to new nu-disco!!! SOOOO many great disco-influenced acts have been emerging recently, and we're especially loving Stamps! If you dig Capital Cities or Little Boots, you will love this Los Angeles-based band! Check out their light and feathery I Won't Tell A Soul above! It's glittery and gold and we love it!!!!”

“They've been working on new music in Los Angeles, trading in the indie-pop sound that marked earlier recordings for a bigger, bolder dance-pop groove. Patrick grew up working in both theater and music, and she has the voice, looks and charm required to become a superstar.”

The Houston Chronicle

“Houston native Ren Patrick is charismatic as ever on the vocals, which are laid against a glossy beat with electro-pop flourises.”