“Stagger: They drink hard, play hard and entertain hard. Like an unmanned Panzer tank, they beat the crowd into a bloody pulp. Joe Stagger dressed like an unholy Priest getting on the bar, while beating his bass. Scott never missing a cord, while having a mask on. Mike screaming into the mike and showing the crowd his fake penis (hey, you had to be there). Carmine channelling the spirit of Keith Moon. this was a roller coaster of destruction.”

Dominick Shork - OBMM

“I just got done listening to a new track from Howell, NJ’s own, Stagger, and I’m still picking my teeth up off the floor. Holy crap! Talk about a hit and run! The song is called “A Thousand Reasons” off of the band’s upcoming CD, Liquid Date, which they will be celebrating with a CD release party at The Brighton Bar this Saturday night (10/5). The CD was fully mastered by guitarist Nick Dowe. Get your ass down to the Brighton this Saturday night or give Stagger a listen on reverbnation.com/stagger.”

“I recently caught up with my good friends in the US Metal band Stagger, who are no green horns to the scene and who are personally a great bunch of dudes who support everyone who shares our passion for music. Stagger hail from the East Coast and they are as close as a pack of wolves. Their comradery is an inspiration for all bands. The music shows their love for metal. Their come as you are take on life is adored by fans worldwide and the down to Earth and partying personalities they all have as individuals makes for one great live show. Hit them up on Facebook, ReverbNation, and Twitter, and say hello. They will respond and invite you to join one of their parties as well as introduce you to their vast network of musicians, performers and friends alike. - See more at: http://rockshowmagazine.com/articles/stagger.html#sthash.HQKwg2du.dpuf”

Ethan Murphy - http://rockshowmagazine.com/

“Have you ever been to a show and the band is JUST starting..and you see their faces, their energy and the look in their eyes..and 1: you know they LOVE beer lol and 2: you're worried about what's about to happen? Stagger! That's all I have to say! These guys BRING it and let you know that the stage is THEIR'S for that 20 to 30 mins! Check these chaotic bunch of dudes out!”

Flux Conspiracy - Flux Conspricay

“Kiss of death is fucking awesome! Powerful shit!”

“Kiss Of Death is One Of The Best Metalcore Songs I Ever Heard! A&R of Chrome Vintage Universal Records, Deeper Entertainment, Speed Zar Services, Hater Metal”

“YEAH...YOU ARE CHAOS IN THE FLESH!!!!!!!!!! We bring it every where we go... It's Pure Chaos :: WE ARE AGREE ABOUT THAT SHIT...KEEPIN CHAOS STAGGER!!!!!!”

ANTRAKS - ANTRAKS : Band Reverbnation.com/antraks

“These guys are bunch of crazy fucks!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The Wall

“Stagger brutal live performances to go along with diverse music”

The Wall