Stacy Rock / Press

"The classically trained pianist is quite the storyteller, utilizing elements of folk, country, vaudeville, and rock in the vein of Tom Waits or early eighties Bob Dylan to create a memorable backdrop for each song"

Mark Fisher - Infuze Magazine

"Gorgeous Album."

"An unequivocally enchanting performance last week, Stacy's melodic and uplifting keyboard arrangements combined with a stellar vocal delivery are the bedrocks of this most enjoyable artist."

"For an independent album, it is easily one of the best produced I have heard in a long time."

"This is a great record that stands on its own two feet and I can only hope that people out there open their minds up enough to wrap their arms around an album like this. I love this record for many reasons and welcome it to my collection."

Jeffrey Kurtis - AllAgeszine.com

"for those of you in love with jenny lewis or feist or even stevie nicks, i think you'll find stacy rock a refreshingly nostalgic artist. with a voice that seems to be slightly caught in the winds of time picking up notes from the likes of nina simone to touching similarities of dresden dolls..."