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“2012 Winner of Best Singer/Songwriter”

Artists in Music

“...she’s a breath of fresh air... Her dedication and risk-taking has turned her into more than just a girl with a guitar. She is a girl with a heart, an idea and a talent of indescribable magnitude.”

944 Los Angeles

“Clark, below, is the genuine article, a deeply talented songwriter and record maker with a gorgeous voice. “Patterns” is beautifully produced, and is crammed full of deft, subtle harmonic and sonic touches. Smart, sexy, and sometimes, simply sublime.”

The Buffalo News

“There is a ton to like, love, and adore about Stacy Clark.”

“'Connect the Dots' is one of the Best Records of 2011.”

“Stacy Clark brings a certain aura: one of high-spirited energy and old-fashioned, creative enthusiasm for writing folk-based pop songs. In recent months, that quality seems to have paid off. First, Clark booked a gig playing for 15,000 in her hometown of Buffalo, NY. That show also entailed opening for ‘70s classic rock band America. Not bad for a girl who’s touring the nation alone with her acoustic guitar.”

Lansing Noise

“The third album by Buffalo, N.Y.-based tunesmith Stacy Clark is overflowing with all kinds of charm. It’s refreshing to hear a songstress confidently come into her own style, where the sole accompaniment of an acoustic guitar really lets you home in on her lovely voice.”


“You may have hummed along to one of Stacy’s poppy songs, which have been featured on The Hills, One Tree Hill, Make it or Break It, The Rachel Zoe Project, and The Buried Life (to name just a few.) Stacy has partnered with depression/suicide outreach organization To Write Love On Her Arms for her first video for single “Hold On.” We’re honored to co-premiere the video along with TWLOHA.”

Teen Vogue

“#12 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart (Connect the Dots)”

“I caught Stacy* Clark’s set at The Knitting Factory last week and was so blown away by her performance that I demanded an interview.”

“Landed on 944 list of 'Who's Who in Orange County'”

944 Magazine

“Winner of OC Music Awards: Best Pop Artist - 2011 & 2010 Best Female Performer - 2007 Nominated in 2012 for Best Pop Artist. In 2011 for Best Pop Album Connect the Dots, Best Music Video 'Not Enough', Best Live Acoustic Performer, Best Song 'Touch & Go'. In 2010, Best Live Acoustic Performer. ”

OC Music Awards

“What I love about Stacy’s work is her honesty of her songwriting. It’s impossible to listen to Stacy’s music and not appreciate her dedication to her craft and not become a fan.”

“She has one of the sweetest voices in music today.”

“This Seaside Siren has nymph-like charisma”

“Stacy Clark’s website is as adorable as she is. Clark has won countless awards and even financed her own album, Apples and Oranges, through touring and hardwork. She may pose with puppies, but this chick means business.”

“Stacy has a voice…that sounds like it should be all over mainstream radio…yet she also has this indie street-cred that may be attractive to….rebel against top 40 stuff.”

“Winner of Best Female Performer”

Southern California Music Awards

“her album 'Apples & Oranges' is full of pop gems that once it starts playing, can’t be turned off and places a permanent smile on the listeners’ face. Stacy Clark has a style all her own and an ambition that pretty much guarantees the next time you listen to her, you’ll know who Stacy Clark is”

“Apples & Oranges is a fun album, and Stacy Clark is paving her way to becoming a widely known artist among other top female performers.”

“A quirky blend of folk-pop, electronica, and dance music…brings to mind such notable songstresses as Regina Spektor and Imogen Heap.”

“Pop charmer Stacy Clark, whose on-stage style this night was pitched somewhere between Zooey Deschanel and a softer Katy Perry. Stacy Clark finds success indie style…and unapologetically wears her heart on her sleeve.”

“Winner for Best Out of County Artist (2007 & 2006)”

Inland Empire Music Awards