Stacey Y / Press

“Stacey Y is real music, real singing, real songwriting, and just flat out amazing! From the moment my ears hit Set The Water Straight, the new 10 song album from Stacey, I knew that I was in for an auditory treat. Getting into the project, I was greeted by Stacey's jazzy soulful vocal that perked me right up, opening the album with real vocals. Stacey's sound is very Norah Jones-esque and I could absolutely see her sharing the stage with today's top Neo-Soul/Jazz artists, like Jill Scott and Amel Larrieu. But that's not all Stacey does because she has an awesome pop-rock-soul edge to her music as well. This fact is evident on songs like, I Tripped; a cranked rock n' roll song driven by chunky grunge guitars, spastic drums and bass, and soulful pop vocals. It's this song, and tracks like "Music" that keep Stacey out of the proverbial "box" that people always reference when describing something cliche. Very few artists have impressed my ear like Stacey has... 4.0/4”

“A bright light among all the Nu-Funk/R&B/Neo-Soul artists playing around town is Stacey Y. She's a multi-instrumentalist. She's a Royal Conservatory and Humber College schooled-musician. She's performed and recorded in Nashville, New Orleans, Memphis, Austin, and Havana. And clearly, the musical energies of these locales have left an impression on her music. This looks like a very promising album by a very talented local musician and singer, so I think you should definitely do the pre-order and reserve your copy today.”

"Stacey Y is a new talent growing by leaps and bounds. Whereas she was always a great keyboard player, the growth in her compositional and singing ability is astounding. Look out for these new recordings."

Ian Terry (Juno-award winning producer)

"Some of us will be able to say we knew Stacey when she was discovering herself as an artist. We got to witness the birth of her dynamic, dramatic, emotional range. Plenty of others are going to discover it now, too."

Rik Emmett (Triumph)

“Stacey Y is a virtuoso musician who is quickly making a name for herself in the Toronto music scene. The ease in which she navigates various genres of music shows her talent has no limit. Stacey is a top level professional musician with many projects on the go at any given time. One to watch out for.”

Andrew Osawe (League of Musicians)