Stacey Randol / Press

"Stacey Randol is a pop artist that sprinkles in some folk for good measure. Her influences span the past and present, a list including Paul Simon, Fleetwood Mac, Harry Nilsson, Vampire Weekend, Angus & Julia Stone, Beach House, and Brandi Carlile. All great American songwriters, we see “Fragile Forest” channeling Carlile in the best of ways, both lyrically and musically."

"It represents me and my life right now, and all the optimism that I have for the future," Randol said. "I went in wanting an album of color, vibrance and fun, but with some sentimental value as well." The resulting sound is an ambitious mix of folk and pop tunes that make use of instrumentation like ukulele, flute, violin, saxophone and even some Caribbean-sounding xylophone on a few tracks. "Hah, yeah, I love the beach and so we wanted some ‘fun in the sun' feel on the track with the xylophone," the singer said. "We love the comparisons to Vampire Weekend we sometimes hear because they sort of have that modern day Paul Simon vibe." Click the link to read more.

“Interview with Outlet Magazine”