S.S. WEB / Press

“Acoustic folk band S.S. Web delivers an instant classic with “North”. Producing a mesmerizing mix of Johnny Cash era songwriting and catchy acoustic guitar, with a pinch of Flogging Molly bar driven folk, these Whiskey loving Milwaukee boys are a band to keep a very close eye on in 2012. Their songs do one thing that most bands have forgotten how to do: tell a story. I have a very strong feeling that we will be hearing S.S. Web emerging out of the underground and captivating audiences across the nation with “North”.  S.S.Web has a keg full of potential and I am already looking forward to their next album. ”

"Any rock band that employs a mandolin player is cool in my book."

“Great album great lyrics and great musicians!!! Buy the album now and enjoy!!!!”

"This band is fantastic! It's great to see more bands come back to these roots of writing. There is a perfect blend of deep vocals, mandolin, guitar, and drums. A deep and inspiring first album debut!

“Headline: 5 Questions w/ Davey of S.S. WEB!”