SR1-Productions / Press

“Yeah, "No Guts, No Glory" is epic! Love that muddy guitar and quick metal licks thrown in there. Just when you think it's going to get all thrashed out, the song breaks into a slow, Neurosis like orchestration. Sick! We love it.”

Take Away The Ugly, Artist

"No Guts No Glory" kicked my ass ! Very tasty guitar work !

Jeffrey Whitman - Artist

“Fantastically diverse, imaginative and nuanced sound and vibe here; crystalline verve and drama throughout, the re-visioning of ‘Gangster’s Paradise’ and ‘Carol of the Bells’ were especially unexpected and brilliant!”

Opossum, Rabbit and Shrew - Artist

“Awesome one man talent,of Music!”

Loud N Loaded Promotions

“Had a listen to "Requiem for a dream " and really enjoyed the track, awesome arrangement, and original hyper engaging style.”

Dean Jablonski - Artist

“Really admire the detail and skill you've put into the arrangements for these various versions of classic tunes..wicked weight and grandeur you give to the Clint Mansell track, translating it into a guitar throb..nice take on the Pink Floyd tune (complete with sound fx)..and loving the almost whisper vocals on "gangsta paradise"..real sweet twist on a classic groove!”

Mike White Presents - Artist

“Requiem for a dream... the synth brings a sobering haunt to your piece... keep bringing your creative energy, this is what music needs."”

Splintered Reality - Artist