Spun In Darkness / Press

“ Awesome, this is serious Obituary, Winter, Hellhammer styled Swedish DM resurrection here by way of this Las Vegas Doom-Death outfit. Truly brutal and low-down mudslinging, gravestone uprooting, un-resting those “peacefully laid to rest” and defiling the stigma of Death Metal as being “dead”, when in fact it’s the living dead. Hints of thrash ferocity and total drop D rumbling aural annihilation is contained within. Caution: Contents are extremely volatile. Everything that you love about the real Death Metal meat, complete with chainsaw riffs, that oh-so necessary guitar screech and squeal like a pig taken to slaughter, along with almost grind/death spoken vocals about all the things that your horror obsessed mind runs scenarios of. The “thump… thump… thump… thumpthumpthump” rhythms of the act of beating and bashing someone to death is brought to life through drums and all the while armies of zombies are building midnight militias and the cadavers are raping t”

Forbidden magazine