Spring the Trap / Press

“It's all too easy to dismiss any Seattle band as Grunge wannabes but Spring the Trap easily avoid being ensnared in that pitfall, instead riffs simply tumble from this self-titled six tracker. 'Lucid' revs all modern metal - a bit Screamo, without the screams (if that is possible) - with Roland Ashton being a fine singer, before 'The Maze' meanders through acoustic interludes and foreboding Metallic stabs. This is cool trad and sparkling new all at once, something driven home by the dreamy, yet aggressive bite of 'Gone' and skillful dart of 'Faceless', which is in fact as in your face as it could be. As are Spring the Trap!”

“You can't help but liking Spring the Traps defiance of modern conventions. From the moment their debut EP kicks off, you know that this is a band doing its own thing, shirking off classification.The Seattle-based quartet base their sound on a bed of alternative rock, adding metal riffs, emo vocal lines and commercial hooks. Its almost as if Thursday decided to jam with Alice in Chains and Metallica. Tracks like "Faceless" and the distortion-charged "Brainstorm" are the heaviest on here, but its tunes such as "Lucid" and "In An Instant" that really grab your attention. The latter, which uses a capella vocals and a soft, melodic chorus, shows Spring the Trap at their most inventive, but really this EP is just a starting point; with a little encouragement, this band could create a storming debut full-length.”

"...A fine debut EP then from a band with a lot of promise and the skills to break into the major league..."

"...Spring The Trap are exactly what today's music scene needs... you'll wanna jump on this thrill ride for sure!!"

"Fusing the upbeat, melodic feel of metal with the driving, soaring sound of good ol' fashion rock, Seattle's Spring The Trap offer the perfect mix of energy and depth..."