"Vancouver’s Spree Killers wound down Canada Day with an intense set full of lyrics of about serial killers, murder and necrophilia and the breakdown of society. They reminded me a little of the Creepshow but with less psychobilly. They had a touch of metal as well as tinges of country and some psychobilly. But there was plenty of guitar and energy and vocal melodies counterbalanced with unearthly shrieks from lead singer Fanni Adams."

“Spree Killers are believers in the adage that if you want something done right, then do it yourself. The punk rockers from Vancouver recently released their latest album, 7 Bloody Inches, and are touring the country in support of the new disc. Lead singer Fanni Adams explained how the band decided to take the project into their own hands. “We’re really excited because we actually recorded and mixed and produced this album ourselves,” said Adams. “We started a record label as a band called Kick Rox Records and one of my guitarists (Ryan) is a sound engineer, so he’s got a whole recording studio at our headquarters, so he does all of our recording for us."”

"Local East Van murder punks, the Spree Killers, have a weapon named Fanni, a deadly front woman with a stage presence that packs a punch."

"I am pleased and damn STOKED to have SPREE KILLERS join The Fight United and DarKsLide with their "Fuck off loud punk rock" music to my short horror film No Pets Allowed.These guys kick ASS!!! Lead singer Fanni Adams has Blue hair too...Check out their music and page..." https://www.facebook.com/thespreekillersband

"If the Spree Killers were required to submit urine samples to test for performance enhancing drugs, not only would it come up positive, but traces of vinegar would also be found."