Spoonfed Tribe / Press

““Spoonfed Tribe has all the makings of a festival band. These guys are loud, well-seasoned, charismatic and just unique enough to make the hair on the back of a hippie’s neck twist itself into a dreadlock.””

““With a mixture of blues oriented music, mingled with rock riffs, occasional flamenco and R&B undertones, this band is nothing short of eclectic. You’d think that these styles are too varied to come together to create anything pleasant to listen to, but you can trust that this band knows how to use their array of styles to create music that you can definitely shake your bum to.””

““Fusing elements of international percussion and American hard rock, Spoonfed Tribe seems equally comfortable churning out swirling, danceable rhythms and heavily distorted guitar riffs, creating something uniquely American in its wake.””

““Spoonfed Tribe blends together flute melodies with guitar rhythms and multiple types of percussion instruments, including the glockenspiel and the cow bell to produce what Egg Nebula calls, booty shaking music.””

““Electric guitars come to the fore more than they have in past Tribe efforts. EGG Nebula and Daniel Katsuk’s vocals evoke everything from Bob Marley to the speeded-up voices on classic P-Funk jams. They’ve added some new flavors to the musical stew, too: A jazzy horn section augments the band on several cuts; Darla Oates’ soaring voice graces three tunes, including the Middle Eastern-inflected “Beetle Orange,” which also features Orion’s snaky violin.””

““ With two drummers, their music can easily turn from song into a percussive wall of sound. Delivered in a form of rhythmic therapy, the atmosphere tends to be soul-feeding, while making you dance like you just don’t care.””

““A thunderously percussive affair, the song provided some explanation to the band name: tribal drums cannoned phrases back and forth between the musicians, at times playing in unison, at times accenting one another as in-the-know fans danced exuberantly.””

““The music flowed like the magic that is everywhere at High Sierra, and some new music was made. The band closed it out Ozomatli style, with a march through the crowd and a group drum circle that brought the energy all the way back.””

““You can usually get an idea of what a band is going to be like by watching the equipment get set up. When that involves four drum kits, something is usually about to go terribly wrong (in the best sense of that phrase).””

"To describe a Spoonfed Tribe gathering would take too many words, talking too small to measure what is gained by the actual experience of it all. So, to do our best, imagine a show that captures all senses, presents all musical styles, glows with a fluorescent fury, and creates space to be different and unique, all while making you dance like an idiot!"