Spoken Life / Press

“Talented and highly visual in the writings, this music is dramatic and fulfilling.”

“Spoken Life is the brain child of Singer/Songwriter Anthony Irvin, a local guy, from Brookhaven, whose been around the block once or twice with some other Tri-State Area Bands.”

“Anthony Irvin’s acoustic side project Spoken Life has already been proving to be the talent guitarists most successful project to date.”

“It’s an EP with charisma, charming vocals and quite cute guitar licks and solos that sound as though Hendrix himself was there at times.”

“With being a solo independent artist "Truth Be Told" is a great starting point for Irvin and showcases his great song writing capacity.”

“Spoken Life has released their 6 song E.P! The band is an acoustic/rock project based out of the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. Stream “Truth Be Told” and buy it at a “name your price” option!”