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“the song Drive, Fucking great song! They nailed it.  Every part of this song is perfectly executed. Like a lot of the music I will be posting this doesn’t get the attention it deserves. I am at a loss for words on these guys, you just have to check it out for yourself. Again, thanks to BJ Nomatrix and Dead Lamb Records http://www.deadlambrecords.com/”

“If I were to hire an angel to play the harp while I'm having sex, these would be the songs that play.”

The Do Goods - The Do Goods

“I heard 'Drive' and liked it a lot. Shaun KEDG RADIO Sydney, Australia - The Edge Program Director”

KEDG Radio Sydney Radio Australia - FACEBOOK

“Sounds great! 'Drive' has good radio potential WLDN radio London UK”


"SPLNTR": "Sounds great! 'Drive' has good radio potential..."

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“I like your music a lot, especially 'Drive'”

WNYR Radio , New York, Music Director - Facebook SPLNTR page

“The bands, Sewage and SPLNTR have an amazing sound that represent the hard, rockin' sound of their areas. These two bands bring the best of the East and West Coasts in one compilation and each track is hard-hitting, frisky, wild and total off the wall excitement. Both bands deliver a wild, out of this world live show! The Top Picks of The Gypsy Poet are: Sewage's Punk Religion SPLNTER's Grind Sewage's Florida SPLNTR's One, Two, One Two. These bands play fast, loud, hard, and they get in the pit, and the lyrics spit far... Electrifying! Shocking! As Punk should be! A true stamp on Whatever68Radio's airplay and worth the listen! This compilation album is amazing!”

“Second time through listening to the split, really enjoying it. Was wondering if we'll be seeing more new SPLNTR tunes in the future? SEWAGE is sick as well! We'll be airing some tracks live 12-1pm PST tomorrow on mixlr.com/sickboysradio - podcast airs 6-7pm on PoDunkRadio.com”

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“ONE TWO ONE TWO is the final offering from these guys and with a slight reduction in speed this rattles in, stuttering along with a feel of tension built up in the verse by the style and sound, and then it final bursts into the sunshine chorus, which lightens the atmosphere nicely, before we drop back into the verse and then into a guitar wank, its a nice collection of sounds and works well, before dropping into a quiet moment, I always like these when done well and this a good one, bass drum pounds, bass rumbles and a little flicking guitar, the vocal is less gritty and quieter, but as is the way with these it doesn’t last and bursts back into a chorus to finish this track and Splnters contribution, 4 tracks, all good and certain makes me want to seek out more material from these guys and hopefully it will get others the same way.”

“DRIVE A little chat from vocal madman starts this off, before we are thrown in to a galloping grunter, the rhythm of this is great and reminds me of early DK, with the group shout punctuating each line it is very addictive and then a swirling twiddley guitar wank moment, very short, which is good as the song is short anyway haha, and a final chorus and it’s done, love it.”

“GRIND follows on quickly a similar pace here, but the sound is different has a more live feel, darker and a little muddy, but it works well and again has my head whipping about, some guitar wanking widdles its way in halfway through, it’s a little quiet in the mix, but then like I said this feel more like a live demo, has a nice atmosphere and the stabbing chorus has me joining in, of course.”

“WONDER WHY is first up and it smashes in at high speed, full on hack, real old school US hardcore Punk, but the words are listenable even at the fast pace so that helps haha, the drums are a tapping blurr and do blend in at times, which is a shame, the bass is being rattled out at blistering pace, simple and steady, keeping the pace up, the distorted guitar grinds and grates over the top, again straight forward but done well, vocals are angst edged, with a style reminiscent of several US bands, sang well and a nice chanting sing it chorus, short sweet and yeah a good introduction to the band.”

“Splntr & Sewage: West Coast/East Coast Split Released May 29, 2015 PP Promo Records 1. Splntr – Wonder Why 2:20 2. Sewage – Punk Religion 1:20 3. Splintr – Grind 2:25 4. Sewage – Florida 3:38 5. Splntr – Drive 1:32 6. Sewage – Crusties 1:25 7. Splntr – One Two, One Two 3:06 8. Sewage – Hi Def 2:52 Splntr, from Fullerton, CA, has a beast of a rhythm section. Their drums and bass chug through each song like a derailed freight train. The vocalist has a style that reminds me a bit of Jello Biafra of The Dead Kennedys. Not so much the sound of his voice, but in the rapid-fire delivery. My favorite cut from this split is One Two, One Two.”

Mike - Strange Reaction

"Gave your band a listen. Love it! keep it up fellas. maybe we'll see you in LA when we head there."

“COOL, big energy...we like that (remains something like when Jello Biafra met D.O.A....) !!”

“Real Cool Punk ROCKING sound!! You Reminded me of all my 70's fav punk bands... But with your own original spin,  SPLNTR You Have some Sweet Punk ROCKING Songs There!! Our Favourite is " AUTOMATIC ".”

"Great Band!!!!!"

Eric Leach (Symbol Six) - FB

“Drive is great Rock tune.”

Melanie Harrison - NUMERONEMUSIC.COM

“SPLNTR is a local band from right here in Orange County. You might recognize their name from their contribution "Here Comes Santa Claus" from the Santa and Satan: One and the Same? compilation. From the moment I heard their track "Grind"-- I knew I was in for a ride. While songs such as "Drive" and "Wonder Why" echo the fast, hard-yet-melodic sound of So Cal punk rock, they really show their diversity and outstanding song-writing ability with the slower tune "Night Clubs." I'm happy to see the founding members reunite and reform in recent years, and look forward to what this solid lineup has in store for us next. -Nordy (Sick Boys Radio)”

Nordy - KUSR - Sick Boys Radio California

“review of Drive by fungalpunknature.co.uk, SPLNTR opens with 'Drive', a nasty piece of searing putrescence that drips forth and duly fouls the listener’s initial anticipations. Beginning with spoken gobbage and a grumbling bass the song soon dissolves into an unstable bout of furious aggression that is a one way train headed to oblivion. Wired up the wrong way, freaking out with too much tension this is a crazed opening gambit eased by the brassage that begins the fine repeater”

fungalpunknature - fungalpunknature.co.uk

“Great show last night at the Galaxy! Fast, Solid, Tight band, great mix - text book old school LA/OC style hardcore punk band - Keep it up old boys!”

Garry Waldon - Facebook

“You guys are great!!!”

Idiots Punk Rock - Facebook SPLNTR page

“This band SPLNTR is one of those bands that you are glad u went to see.”

The Idiots ( punk band from California) - facebook

“Wow, I never thought SPLNTR could get any better, 2012 SPLNTR kicks ass! If you havent seen them lately, Occupy a venue!”

Amanda Huntsacker - Sticks and stones

"SPLNTR" So Cal Punk Rock at it's Finest.

““SPLNTR has returned to the Orange County music scene punching and kicking. With the addition of Dean Deal, and Neill Bedgood to the original members Erick Armeson, Paul Lieu, and John Aeder, the bands new verve is full of kicking bass, driving guitars, and punch-you-in-the-face lyrics. Adding new songs to the old library, SPLNTR is now a force of nature and the one to watch in the rebirth of Orange County punk rock.””

Behind the Orange Curtain Productions 422 16th Place Costa Mesa, Ca. 92627-3212 - the scene

“Paul is such an awesome drummer... and a great inspiration! ”

Tony Dauley, Drummer for Seattle's" Lucky Devils" - SPLNTR page.

“I listened to a couple songs on ReverbNation and you guys rock!”

“ Local Band Showcase REQUEST SPLNTR..A real punk band...not that pop punk crap the kids are listening to today. They are the real deal. If you like BLACK FLAG You'll LOVE SPLNTR http://www.kzmu.org/request.cfm Local Band Showcase facebook ”

KZMU - Local Band Showcase kzmu

“SPLNTR a four piece punch in the face punk band, testosterone is definitely is the main ingredient here,there tight , got catchy riffs and songs that you'll like them the first time you hear em'. Angry Thoreaun #15 ”

Angry Thoureaun #15

“FACTOR X SHOWCASE COVINA CALIFORNIA SPLNTR is a band you'll either love or hate, If you're into the heavy punk scene, then you'll probably think this is the best band that's come onto the local scene in years! I admit that the band is hot. Th...ere is so much energy on stage that if it dosen't trigger some kind of response, then you should consider seeing a doctor to see if you're still alive! althougn the band preformed a somewhat short set, they were obviously in control the whole time. These guys know what they are doing, they know what they want, and they know how to get it! It was amazing to see a band like this get such an overwhelming response without even forming a pit! SPLNTR is a band that I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot about in the near future. KATI-ST. JAMES ”

Kati St. James - Factor X magazine