Splitting Image Productions / Press

"Terrific, well-produced tracks and beats"

Juliann Andreen(ReverbNation Artist)

"You are there on the World Map...S.I.P privileged to be a fan...fabulous mixes and soundddd!!!!!!! Peace and World Love, Johnny"

Johnny Bonkers - ReverbNation Artist

"Zero Degrees,where North and South Pole meet... Spot On....Hot sounds..love your free approach...rhythms textures all blended beautifully...SPOT ON ..."

Johnny Bonkers - ReverbNation Artist

"I think you guys are awesome! I love your muzik and your talent is inspirational. Best wishes to you in all your future endeavors, and Godspeed! XOXO"

MzGimini - MzGimini(ReverbNation Rap Artist)

" i enjoyed reading the article{Industry All Access}. It really gave me more inspiration. I can relate to alot of the quote within this article."

JTwEEzE, ReverbNation Hip-Hop Artist - ReverbNation.com

"We really want to use music as an outlet to speak about our past experiences and give our fans something they can relate to. With our beats, we tell a story that is unspoken. We tell stories through instruments the same way a poet would with words. Leshai brings the emotional aspect to the music by singing about love, heartbreak, and just having fun."

"i'm hooked on these beats. I just like it raw. somebody put this on vinyl now."

Jack Bug - ReverbNation Artist

"You guys make sick beats!"

StreetWise - Hip-Hop Artist/Poet


Rob Wright AKA Playa Half Dead - ReverbNation Artist

"DOPE SOUND bRUH keep doin what you do! too ill"

TEKNODROME/UGLY BEATS - ReverbNation- Producer

"Shit go hard"

Blue Goons Ent. - ReverbNation Hip-Hop artist

"Hey your beats is hot!"

The Caterer( Producer/Hitmaker) - ReverbNation Artist