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“It's really a charming song in its self-absorption. Normally I hate it when musicians write about being musicians. "Day by Day" almost penetrates me in its whole-hearted optimism, even in defeat. When you proclaim that you'll never be stars, the desire to keep working and striving is undiminished. Perhaps the special charm comes from the song's implicit gratitude. The narrator sings not as a jaded musician singing about the musician's life, but as a fan. Because I was curious I looked up your band and found a full band version of the song. It really carries that early 90's jangle via the Who thing pretty well, though it's too lo-fi for mass consumption and too hi-fi to be considered cool by today's "lo-fi is cool" standards. But I get pretty clearly that you're not going for cool. And that's endearing. ”

Clinton Degan - Review of "Day By Day" CD Reviews

“You guys are one awesome band! Keep on writing and playing your songs and I hope you come back again soon. You guys are great. Thank you so so much... ”

Paul's Pub, Methuen, MA

“I really think you guys are destined for greatness! Tight sound, great lyrics and melody, and killer vocals!! I'll be watchin for you guys in the future!! Keep up the good work!! ”

Fan - FenderMan

“awesome...you guys really do ROCK...can really hear that 80's influence...great influence, wishing you the very best and success.”

Tank 7even - Musician/Artist

"You guys rock!! Love the tunes!!"

Sheez Late - Musicians/Artists

"You guys ROCK!"

Candyce - Musician/Songwriter

"Terrific tracks and sound! I really enjoyed visiting your site!"

Pat Branch - Musician/Song Writer

"Dig your sound man! Very polished and cool stuff! We're keeping you guys on our radar!!

The Morning At Night - Artist

“Checked you guys out! Really love your sound!!”

Stankbot Tyranny - Artist

"You guys have a kick-ass sound,dig the vocals,great production and sound! Keep it up!!"

Evil Genius..Artist - Split Risk Rocks