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“Their sound is like being in old abandoned house on a dark, stormy night, full of trepidation and anxiety. They do a great job of marrying the roots of goth with electricity and passion. It will take you to that emotional place, where many of us have been at one time or another, feeling misunderstood and disjointed.”

“Last year here in New Mexico we had the largest forest fires ever, thousands of acres destroyed, houses wrecked, people displaced, general mayhem. We call that a 'controlled burn' That's you guys!”

OneHorse Rodeo - reverbnation

“'Dark Princess', a wonderfully ominous intro that builds into an truly impressive song with awesome vocal effects and even more amazing lyrics, love that edgy incessant guitar riff, great track! ”

Jane Ward - reverbnation

“In a music world hung up on happiness and light, Splintered Reality is just the ray of darkness we need. ”

Elizabeth Epperson

“This is psycho metal...and it kicks ass!”


“The question: Am I pretty now? The answer: Hell yeah! What a great, well produced track that slathers your chugging metal death march over the ears of the unwashed masses. A must hear!”


“With their latest release, Splintered Reality peels through the layers of emo and makeup to expose the roots of Goth with a current sound. Their driving lead guitar mixes with a hip-hop influenced drumline. The result? You catch yourself throwing up your metal while bobbin your head, loving it. ”

Elizabeth Epperson

“Ballsy and twisted!”


“This is Revolutionary Metal!!! Extreme Unique, Twisted Creativity oozing from every song!!AWESOME!!!”

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