“Shadowplay for their soft return after frontman Andrew Corkery’s semester abroad. For this stripped-down set they left drummer Kyle Duckworth at home, focusing on the intricate riffs and solos passed back and forth between guitarists Phoenix Holden, John Sellers, and Ed Flynn.They opened with their song “Sandy Eyes”, proceeds from the sale of which go to Hurricane Sandy relief. Shadowplay’s devotion to classic rock sometimes flirts with the edges of prog, up to and including lyrics about dungeons and snowy mountain peaks, but between catchy choruses and Corkery’s convulsive stage presence they stay firmly planted in more straightforward rock’n'roll. Their set continued through a song by Sellers and a few debuts so new that lyrics had to be checked on smartphones, Sellers and Flynn switching off between bass and guitar. As they came to a close Corkery asked the crowd to sign up for the mailing list on their website in order to get some free music and encouraged everyone to l”

“The capability of this band to always leave their fans longing for more of their music can be attributed to the public exposure that they have. This has made it easy for them to understand their listeners well and it is due to this and other reasons that they have been able to release the songs that relate well with those who adore rock music. Listening to this song makes you come to the realization that this band still has a lot in store that is not yet exploited by other rock bands. The vocals, proportional mixing of the accompaniments and the overall performance of the whole song creates the impression that this kind of music speaks volume to the population that listens to it. It may not be so easy to make comments unless you get the chance to listen to this song.”

“The Real Radio Show (Live in Time Square) This band sounds like they are signed to the major... This band sounds like they are signed to the major Label! They are so talented. They are the total package! The Looks, the Sound, the Style. Everything to make the big thing in rock music! Everyone has to know about Shadowplay!”

Henry K - The Real Radio Show (Live in Time Square NYC)

“Shadowplay symbolizes what American music should be. The lyrics are like those written by angels”

Connor Hughes - Fan Base

“Hailing from New Jersey comes a group of young musicians with a classic sound in the form of Shadowplay. I gave their self-titled EP consisting of eight tracks a listen for PB. First impression is of the in your face ‘80s hair metal vocals from front man Andrew Corkery that immediately remind me of greats like Sebastian Bach, formerly of Skid Row. Shadowplay’s self-titled EP is released on RomulusXRecords. These determined musicians are headstrong and quickly networking their way to success. With a throwback sound, they have the potential to capture generations of music lovers. “Rock. It’s what we do,” according to their Facebook is an accurate description of the band made up of Corkery on vocals, Holden on lead guitar, John Sellers on bass/piano, George Legatos on guitar/bass, and Tim Bear on backup vocals/drums.”

“Every band strives for that timeless hit. That track, or tracks, that will last longer than a fad, but for an endless period of time. Some come close, or have one track that fits the mold. With “Visions”, the New Jersey rockers Shadowplay have managed to put together a collection of timeless hits. With elements of classic rock from the 60′s and 70′s, modern styles of the 80′s and 90′s and exuberance and youth of the 21st century, these young artists have got something all should be aware of. A sound that can easily live in any of the rock eras stated.”

“Set on by the dynamic of Shadowplay themselves, this collection of tracks (called Visions) is fitting for the band as a first release. It truly encompasses the sound the band wish to bring about as their own. With touches of familiarity, yet a new sound that can only be described as Shadowplay music.”

“Shadowplay comes at you with the passion of youth and the talent and sound of well-seasoned rock-and-roll'rs. By honoring the classic rock style, and still expanding on it by incorporating other styles into their sound, this band has what it takes to succeed and cannot be ignored.”

“Visions has a collection of songs that vary in styles and realms of rock music. But have a core that can truly only be called Shadowplay music. With feeling and emotion driven lyrics. front-man Andrew Corkery exudes rock star with his stage presence while belting out such tracks like “Dark Hour” and “Like a Phoenix“. With a style that is much more aged than his 20 years. With a sound reminiscent of Ian Astbury (The Cult) and a great range, he brings the listener into the journey each track tells a story of. With Phoenix Holden‘s axe grinding out such masterful solos and riffs, twisting around the beat bass driven music of Tim Bear, John Sellers and Ed Flynn respectively. Together, all encompass the sound that makes Shadowplay sound so well beyond their years.”

“Shadowplay is a band for everyone because it combines catchy music with meaningful lyrics and they are all around fun. Their style is classic rock with a modern twist and they have been working hard for years. Check them out and join them on the road to their dreams. Visit the following sites, the facebook makes it really easy to listen to their songs by viewing their band profile. My personal favorite is Autumn Sky.”

“Andrew Corkery is a confident guy. He has every right to be – the band he sings lead vocals for, Shadowplay, is on the up and up. With a show at the Trocadero Theatre on Feb. 25 Shadowplay’s sound, as described by Corkery himself, is “classic rock with a definite modern edge, not just a re-hash of the old stuff.” Although the term “old souls” can often conjure a sour taste in some mouths, there is no other phrase that comes to mind when listening to Shadowplay’s youthful and exuberant embrace of hard rock’s forefathers.”

“Collectively, Shadowplay wants to advance in the music industry and in ten years they see themselves (“right here” says Lauren, cracking us up yet again… it’s late and everybody’s tired) playing huge gigs for charity. Dan says that “if we get a lot of money I’m gonna give it all away.” I still can’t help but grin at the benevolent response. Musically speaking, they also want to tour with major bands and release CD’s (hopefully one-or more-albums per year). For more information, visit their Website Shadowplayrockrnroll.com”

Olivia Willard - The Courier Times

“SHADOWPLAY has what it takes to be the next greatest Rock and Roll band... Very talented musicians, great songwriting, and complete professionalism... It is terrific to work with these guys on many levels and no doubt they have a bright musical future ahead of them!”

Kenny Colgate - Romulus X Records

“If you’re a fan of hard rock then you will definitely be satisfied, and maybe even thrilled, by this album. For those who fear stale, generic hard rock (ahem, Buckcherry), be not afraid. There is a far greater emotional depth to the lyrics than you’ll find in most other contemporary releases. The album also has enough twists and surprises to garner the interest of the more skeptical listener, so this really is an album for almost everyone. In short, Shadowplay, to appropriate a Frank Zappa line, is not just another band from NJ. There’s something to these five guys – expect to hear from them again very soon.”

“Shadowplay is the name Rockin and Kick Ass is the Game! This Band is the Definition of Rock music! Fun for ANY Everyone ANY age! There is something for Everyone with this band! This IS what you Wanna hear! The Next Led Sabbath or the Next Black Zeppelin! These old souls know how to Rock&Roll. These young Dudes take you back if your old cat and PLAY the music the youngins Dig too. They're READY to ROCK YOUR SOCKS OFF anytime they have a show! So Ready SET GO on and Press PLAY! SHADOWPLAY!!!! Cause they ROOOOOOCK!!!”

“Before I listened to Shadowplay I couldn't think of any new or decent sounding bands. Then one day I decided to check out Shadowplay and within the first 30 seconds of just one of their songs I was hooked. They're more than decent. Their sound is what Ive been looking for and Im sure other people have too.... A heavy but emotional feel that I can head bang to or just relax with. Great vocals, great guitar, great drums, and great bass. Ive listend to Shadowplay's cd at least 6 times in the 5 days Ive had it! *insert smiley face here*”

Jesse Rosen - Hard Rock Cafe

“The most excitement we get is when we go out to watch my son’s friend’s band play (Shadowplay http://www.shadowplayrocknroll.com/ ) – I wanted to try to work a plug in for them because they let me use their music in my trailers). They spent a good part of last summer sleeping on our floor and eating our food, so we figured we should repay them for that service by buying their CD’s going to shows, etc. My wife and I will be at a show, surrounded by 18-20 year olds who are all screaming and jumping up and down and ‘slam-dancing’ and I’ll just be trying not to break a hip.”

“Every member is extra...ordinarily unique and talented in his own way, and together I'm certain that these amazing musicians, these people I call some of my best friends, will someday show everyone that what Shadowplay exists as today is merely the embryonic form of a life force that will eventually proliferate into the "Leviathan Titan of Rock".”

MIke Weaver - Music Critic

“Shadowplay, an exquisite combination of fine wine (hard rock) served with the most delicious cheeses (creativity) and crackers (epic-ness) man can buy. What I'm trying to say is that they are a group of super saiyan musicians fighting off the evils of generic music with there epic ...rock!!! The perils of boring music shall be vanquished when Shadowplay reigns king.”

Kyle Driscoll - Music Critic

“If you need some youthful exuberance in your classic rock, Shadowplay is the band for you. Original, layered music and lyrics make for a refreshing and dynamic change.”

Linda Lord - Booking Agent

“I just looooove driving around on a gorgeous day, listening to good music. There is just something completely magical about good music, great company, and an outdoors that you just want to embrace. Last week, we... were listening to the Shadowplay CD. We love your energy, your vibrancy, and your passion. A day l...ike that makes you love life. It was awesome! Shadowplay, You Rock! :)”

Linda Hoover - Fan Base

“I am impressed by this group of dedicated and talented young men. They have blossomed into true professional musicians and the music is great! I love to sing and dance along when I hear it!”

Patricia Holden - Fan Base

“Shadowplay is a great young rock band out of Philadelphia. Their sound is a mix of classic 70s rock and modern rock. All five members of Shadowplay are 19 years old. They started the band while in high school. Andrew Corkery, lead vocals, and Dan Holden, lead guitar and backup vocals, originally formed the band in 2006. They are inspired by that music as well as their own, but more importantly by playing that music together. I would say Shadowplay is on their way to doing just that. They remind me of U2 in the early days, not their sound, but how they started and their outlook. They both started a band in high school, even though they didn’t have a lot of talent. But what both groups did have was that special something when they played together in front of an audience. And the more they played, the more their talent grew. Keep an eye out for when Shadowplay comes to your town.”

"For a debut album, Shadowplay comes out with all the honors! With a drummer who does not hesitate to put some runs well without us felt rotten with his double bass ( Intro / Dystopia ), a guitarist who can put the chill on a unexpected solo ( Dark Hour ), a singer who lived and seems often quite vocal harmonies found. Add to it a few finds in the arrangements and excellent production, and can you can't go wrong with this record. Hats off to you guys! You did a good job! The kind of group that I enjoy defending."

“From the opening track Dystopia, as the introduction of Shadowplay's dubut album Visions, to the finale of Ides of March, whether planned or not, Visions tells the story of Shadowplay the band. Adding in that timeless tag to the album, this band has arrived, and it's Visions is only the first step.”

“Along with Corkery’s vocals, Dan Holden’s guitar work is skilled, imaginative and powerful. Those two elements of powerful vocals and energetic lead-guitar provide the rock & roll street cred, but this is a band that is extremely solid in all areas and John Seller’s bass and keyboards, Tim Bear’s manic drums and Ed Flynn’s rhythm-guitar all work together magnificently. My personal favorite track is Autumn Sky which begins with a slow, ethereal intro but builds to become much more powerful and driving. That sort of dynamic range is heard throughout, and the contrasts are what make this album truly special. Soft, dreamy sections give way to powerful, fast-charging riffs . . . dreary fatalism gives way to optimism and hope. There always seems to be something new around each corner and that keeps the listener engaged. It has all the key elements of classic rock & roll but with a fresh take that makes it stand out as a unique work. An outstanding effort from an up-and-coming”

“A band all about the excitement of discovering powerful sentiments while at the same time not losing their power to rock out. The music has the anxious joy that can only come with youth and figuring out new potentialities for oneself. I think there's more concentration on having vitality and consistent thriving intellect than on any standard rocking out impulse which is a good trait to have in a rock band. Hell, a good trait to have when you're young; it's a way to fight off naivete. They work their hardest to move you with depth that is not pretentious but rather constantly searching and evolving. Shadowplay is a consistent mission of perceptivity.”

“Though most of the tracks from "Visions" are much older than the album which debuted first from the bands website through free stream on Halloween 2012, this collection of songs is now ready to take on a life of their own as it is released as a whole. With much fanfare from around the world, each track has found a home in every listener. Not set out as a concept album, each of the tracks seems to tell a story from each of the band members that may vary from one another.”

“Despite recent trends, good music never comes from TV contest winners slickly produced, packaged and marketed. The best rock music comes from small groups of talented friends who get together, jam, bounce ideas off one another, refine their sound in local clubs and eventually unveil that unique vision they’ve created to a broader audience. Call me an old fart, but I think that's the way it should be. Shadowplay’s debut album – Visions – is a great example of a young band following in that grand tradition, and the result is both fresh and timeless. The album is characterized by a dark tone, but just when it seems things are becoming bleak, an optimistic thought breaks through to provide some hope. “There’s not enough time to save the world . . . but we had damn well better try.” vocalist Andrew Corkery sings in his powerful, raspy voice that seems to always be near the edge.”