Spitzer Space Telescope / Press

“The Boston University student has put his spin on the vintage folk sound on a recently-release self-titled debut LP that showcases his powerful, expansive vocal range and high-energy, storytelling singing style.”

“For 2012, the one-of-a-kind folk singer has come up with a creative (one might even say revolutionary) new way to present his music. The Telescope’s first full-length album was released in 2009. The collection of tracks painted the personage of a lone folk minstrel, stomping his foot as he sang antiquated stories and wove fantastical mythologies. McDonald says his new project “is going to take a slight step away from spinning wild tales and images and instead be modeled more closely to historical folk music,” but that’s not the inventive part. What makes this new idea so interesting is that it is going to be a completely digital, interactive, ten-track, video-only album. MacDonald has set up a Kickstarter to help raise funds for his surgical transplantation of a few traditional styles into one of the most modern forms possible.”